The Creative Community Housing Project (CCHP)  

CCHP is the Artist-In-Residency program of The Creatives Project (TCP). We are dedicated to supporting the day-to-day lives of creative individuals. Understanding the financial stresses associated with pursuing a career in the arts, it is our mission to offer creatives various levels of support while nurturing the arts eco-system through arts education service.

Artists are provided free studio space and subsidized housing. By bringing together a wide-array of artistic talent, CCHP forms an exceptional ecosystem that advances through dialogue. It is an open-network where artists interact daily, collaborate and build diverse connections. Each resident artist also receives customized professional development workshops and teacher training sessions. This platform not only enables TCP artists to create powerful bodies of work, but also to become advocates of social change and educational leaders in their respected fields. In exchange for housing and training, artists give back to the local community through our Community Arts Program (CAP).



CCHP Artist-in-Studio free long term studio space (2yrs.)

Provides six visual artists with free long term (2yrs.) studio spaces and exhibition opportunities. In exchange, each of the selected artists will complete youth arts outreach with. The studios and exhibition space are located at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. While in the program residents will also receive promotional support, exhibition opportunities and professional development. 


The Goat Farm Arts Center has established itself as one of Atlanta's largest performing & visual arts centers.  Located in the Westside Arts District of Atlanta, the Center has multiple performance and exhibition halls and hosts classical and contemporary music concerts, theater performances, film screenings and art exhibitions.  It also houses a library/cafe and an education center. Also newly added, a cafe/library, an on-site organic farm, an education center, a 5000 square foot sprung floor for contemporary dance and newly built creative studios now occupied by more than 300 artists.

The Goat Farm studios pictured here depict the the types of studios rewarded through CCHP's Artist in Studio Residency Program included in the Stodja House platform.


Stodja House is the Goat Farm's support platform for artists-in-residence (both visual & performance). The platform provides free long-term studio & rehearsal space directly to artists as well as selected entities such as TCP that have created their own arts based mentorship/residency programs.


CCHP Artist-in-Residency subsidized Long term housing (2 yrs.) 

This fall, up to five local artists will be selected to receive subsidized housing through 2018.  The residency will allow each artist an extremely affordable live/work environment while engaging their creative skills for the greater good. In exchange, each recipient will complete four weekly hour of arts-based youth outreach through TCP's Community Arts Program (CAP). While in the program residents will also receive promotional support, exhibition opportunities and professional development. 


  • Note: Each applicant must be able to commit four hours one night a week to mentor/teach youth beneficiaries.

The image studios pictured above depict long term housing subsidies offered in the past through our program.



As living costs for Atlanta's creative community continue to rise, TCP will expand our advocacy for affordable housing options through what we call "ART-FORCE" housing. We are committed to creating housing programs to maintain the economic and cultural diversity that makes our city strong. We look forward to collaborating with city planners, real-estate developers and investors to preserve Atlanta's rich arts culture and support our city's creative change-makers.


please email our Executive Director Neda Abghari.

CCHP VISITING Artist-in-Residency SHORT term housing + StUDIO (3 MONTHS) 

This residency program will host one out of state emerging artist every quarter. Residents will be provided housing and transportation along with 24-hour studio access to foster creative growth and innovation. In addition, residents will be required to teach workshops, participate in seminars, and engage in collaborative and community-based projects in order to give back and connect with the local community. In light of TCP’s “circle of giving concept,” the residency will foster a space for deep conversations about place and community enrichment via arts and culture initiatives while allowing residents time and space to develop new bodies of work.

By implementing this unparalleled program, TCP will promote emerging talent world-wide, expose Atlanta to a larger array of creative voices, and fight for our city’s growth and reputation as an internationally competitive arts region.


please email our Executive Director Neda Abghari.