Since 2011, TCP's residency program has served 22 artists who have given 4,992 arts service hours to help over 130 underserved youth realize their creative dreams through one-on-one professional artist mentorship. Your year-end contribution will enable us to continue our efforts and expand our reach. Thank you for your support!


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After a successful launch this summer we aim to expand The CAPTURE Project which will continue to engage youth in the O4W community and equip them with necessary skills to make photographs connecting them to a rapidly disappearing culture. Gentrification has resulted in the displacement and loss of oral and cultural history. Over the next 2 years, we expect to reach approximately 400 children between the ages of 12-16 and ignite them with a heightened sense of social responsibility through the visual arts. The foundational focus of the CAPTURE Project is to use photography as a medium for underserved youth to preserve the past and guide the future of their surrounding neighborhood.

“Peggy” | O4W Resident photographed and interviewed on Auburn Ave by Joselin ; Age 12. “In the movie theaters we used to have to sit in the balcony. We had separate restaurants and our restaurant was not air conditioned. It was quite different from now Joselin it was very hard. The schools were separate but our teachers worked hard to teach us. Our books were handed down from the white schools. Sometimes the pages were torn out so we had to share. We did well with what we had because all of us scored above our grade level.”

The participants in the CAPTURE Project — student photographers, interviewees, exhibit hosts and attendees, partnering organizations, and policy makers — will make connections. By selecting exhibit hosts and partners such as Ponce City Market and The SoundTable, the CAPTURE Project aims to highlight the people whose names, faces, and stories will be impacted by the changes in O4W.

By sustaining the quality of the social community, not just a physical community, among  long-time residents and newer residents, the CAPTURE Project creates a bridge between neighbors. While languages, religious beliefs, ethnicities, and identities differ, our hope is that their communal goals are congruent and our project will further align them.

TCP Mentors, mentees, and partners at the "Capturing Community" youth exhibition


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