The Creatives Project (TCP) is a vital force in Atlanta’s arts community.

TCP strengthens and unites arts, education, community and commerce by creating an arts eco-system that empowers eager citizens to recognize Atlanta’s potential.

TCP accomplishes this goal by engaging fresh resources, implementing crucial and deliberate arts and culture initiatives and leading arts-based education.

TCP patrons donate subsidized housing and free studio space to support our artists as they serve Atlanta neighborhoods by generating vibrant and fertile communities poised for economic growth and development.

It is our mission to enrich and strengthen local communities through quality arts-based education and outreach, while celebrating and elevating the city's visual and performing artists.

Through our Community Arts Program (CAP) and our Creative Community Housing Project (CCHP) we ...

  •  provide educational programs enabling artists to give back through youth and community outreach.
  •  provide a mentorship program partnering artists with youth to nurture the city's creative future. 
  •  provide living, studio, and exhibition space through our Artist-in-Residency program.
  •  support artists' exposure and access to new audiences nationwide.