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Did you know today is GA gives day, the day when everyone in Georgia comes together raise money to support local charities?


YOUR Contibution will support: The CAPTURE Project.

Since 2011, TCP's residency program has served 22 artists who have given 4,992 arts service hours to help over 130 underserved youth realize their creative dreams through one-on-one professional artist mentorship. Your year-end contribution will enable us to continue our efforts and expand our reach. Thank you for your support!

After a successful launch this summer we aim to expand The CAPTURE Project which will continue to engage youth in the O4W community and equip them with necessary skills to make photographs connecting them to a rapidly disappearing culture. Gentrification has resulted in the displacement and loss of oral and cultural history. Over the next 2 years, we expect to reach approximately 400 children between the ages of 12-16 and ignite them with a heightened sense of social responsibility through the visual arts. The foundational focus of the CAPTURE Project is to use photography as a medium for underserved youth to preserve the past and guide the future of their surrounding neighborhood.

“Peggy” | O4W Resident photographed and interviewed on Auburn Ave by Joselin ; Age 12. “In the movie theaters we used to have to sit in the balcony. We had separate restaurants and our restaurant was not air conditioned. It was quite different from now Joselin it was very hard. The schools were separate but our teachers worked hard to teach us. Our books were handed down from the white schools. Sometimes the pages were torn out so we had to share. We did well with what we had because all of us scored above our grade level.”

The participants in the CAPTURE Project — student photographers, interviewees, exhibit hosts and attendees, partnering organizations, and policy makers — will make connections. By selecting exhibit hosts and partners such as Ponce City Market and The SoundTable, the CAPTURE Project aims to highlight the people whose names, faces, and stories will be impacted by the changes in O4W.

By sustaining the quality of the social community, not just a physical community, among  long-time residents and newer residents, the CAPTURE Project creates a bridge between neighbors. While languages, religious beliefs, ethnicities, and identities differ, our hope is that their communal goals are congruent and our project will further align them.

TCP Mentors, mentees, and partners at the "Capturing Community" youth exhibition


The Creatives Project will host an intimate dinner gathering in partnership with SOFIA XIV. As this amazing year comes to a close, we are honored to offer an elevated incarnation of TCP’s traditional “family potlucks” shared among the artist into a gourmet farm to table meal prepared by Italian Chef Luca Barolli of Parma, Italy.  

Following a wine reception courtesy of Hayes Valley wines and a special performance by TCP music curator Suno Deko, Chef Barolli will present a four course dinner paired with Farmer's Organic Gin craft cocktails

DATE: Friday, December 12th 

TIME: 7:00 pm | Wine Reception 

           8:00 pm | Dinner is Served

VENUE:  The Goat Farm Arts Center | 1200 Foster Street | Suite 20 | Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Your minimum $85 year-end tax-deductible gift to TCP will reserve your spot at our dinner table. Please note space is limited to 20 guests. 

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Checks can be made payable to:

The Creatives Project

PO BOX 950331

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TCP's 2014-2016 Residency recipients announced! 

2014-16 Housing Residents: Spencer Murrill, Megan Mosholder, and Namwon Choi outside the Metropolitan Apartment

(Atlanta, Georgia- 25 September, 2014)

The Creatives Project Proudly Announces the
2014 CCHP Artist-in-Residency Recipients

press inquiries:
The Creatives Project (TCP) is proud to announce the recipients its second  "Artist in Residence" cycle for Atlanta's only residency opportunity to grant local artists with subsidized housing. In exchange, each of the selected artists will serve Atlanta's community as mentors and teachers through TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP) to provide arts education and outreach for youth and adults throughout the community. The residents will complete much of their outreach service in partnership with TCP's nonprofit beneficiaries: One Love Generation and VSA Arts of Georgia.
The 2014 CCHP Artist-in-Residency recipients are:

Namwon Choi: painter
Megan Mosholder: mixed-media installation artist  
 Spencer Murrill: painter/ muralist

Chosen from a talented pool of applicants by TCP’s Artistic Advisory Board, the finalists are a diverse group, stylistically and otherwise. What each of these artists has in common, however, is a desire to not only further their talents, but also help others in doing so.
I find myself most productive when I empty my creative vessel in order to fill it with new experiences and challenges. To let my creativity flow, the knowledge I have acquired through my studio practice must be shared. This process clears my mind for the next inflowing innovative ideas for my art to come. The meaning of the word, ‘teacher’ in Korean is she who learned ahead.  The TCP Outreach program is to fill in the gap between local artists and the local audience those who in need of artist as educators. -Namwon Choi
I believe that there is strength in community. Being a TCP artist ensures that I will be more closely united with the Atlanta artist community and through that network, my practice will be nurtured and have space to grow.  Residency programs are hugely important because not only do they give artists time and space to work and think but also they provide artists with a sense of community.  Residencies have not only nurtured my practice but my sense of self as an artist. The overall network I have developed as a result of my residency attendance has given me some of the strength I have needed to preserver in this very difficult state of establishing my emerging career. After living without a studio space for the past year, I cannot wait to get into my TCP studio/home and get to work!  I look forward to working with Atlanta’s youth and encouraging them to use art as a way to express themselves.- Megan Mosholder
Friday October 10th during TCP's 4th Annual Exhibition and Benefit: CONTINUUM  the community will welcome these new individuals to the TCP family as they support the organization's ongoing initiatives.
One of the primary challenges for a working artist is to acquire the time, money, and space to make their work. The TCP residency program provides very affordable housing which relieves me of a lot of these pressures. It is oftentimes difficult to know how to market oneself and what opportunities to invest time into. I consider programs like TCP to be a gesture that many emerging artists benefit from. It allows entry into a community that supports them, and gives them a chance to give back. Working independently for long stretches can be very isolating. I am excited about the opportunity to get involved with a growing community of interesting people and the larger art community in Atlanta.  Programs like this remind me that people do care about art, what I can bring to it, and that the energy I put out always comes back in the best way.- Spencer Murrill



Edward and Liv Nyankori


Pohl Real Estate has been investing in West Atlanta for the past 30 years. In 2009, Pohl Real Estate was one of 12 Atlanta developers awarded funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Having partnered with the City of Atlanta/NSP, Pohl Real Estate has expanded into the Historic West End and the Adair Park neighborhoods.  Pohl's recent NSP homes are all renovated to EarthCraft guidelines (using "Green Grant" funding assistance from Enterprise Community Partners/Home Depot).  All NSP properties are rented within the Federal rental income guidelines provided by HUD and NSP - as a result, tenants realize amazing rental rates on energy efficient EarthCraft certified homes. READ OUR INTERVIEW WITH OUR POHL REAL ESTATE HERE



The High Museum of Art Acquires drawings by Lucha Rodriguez.

Our lovely and talented resident Lucha Rodriguez has been added to the High Museum of Art's Permanent Collection of Contemporary Drawings by Local Artists!

The three pieces below were purchased by the High for this growing collection!

We send out a big congratulations to Lucha while we are thankful to the High Museum of Art and Michael Rooks, the High's Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, for their belief and investment in local talent!

The works seen below were acquired by the High through the support of the Lambert Fund, which was established by the late art patron and gallerist Judith Alexander. Native Atlantan, Judith Alexander, was one of the city's most influential art patrons and supporter of Atlanta and Georgia artists until her death in 2004. The Fund was named in recognition of her friend, the Atlanta-based curator and advocate for Georgia artists, Marianne Lambert. The collection and corresponding exhibitions are a result of a multi-year collaboration between Lambert and the High's Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Michael Rooks. In addition The Antinori Fund has also been creates to support this ongoing project as works are acquired for a second exhibition of the works entitled: “Sprawl: Drawing Outside the Perimeter”.

(from left to right)

Brightness Cinco, 201412"x16"
Marker on paper

Brightness Seis, 2014
Marker on paper

Brightness Tres, 2014
Marker on paper


The AJC reviews TCP Resident Jason Kofke's exhibition “Encyclopaedia: A Compendium of Modernity”

Click here to read a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution highlighting Jason Kofke's most recent exhibition "Encyclopadea: a Compendium of Modernity" at Kai Lin Art!

 Atlanta artist explores angst and failures of the past


TCP resident Lucha Rodriguez featured in Creative Loafing! 


Lucha talks to Creative Loafing about her exhibition The Brightness at Beep Beep Gallery. Find out how she challenges herself as an artist and curator, her love of the color pink, and how TCP has enabled her to find a sense of place in Atlanta! Click here to read the full interview! 

BIG PATTERNS: "Brightness Cuatro" by Lucha Rodriguez