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The program will provide residents with affordable rental units that may also include creative amenities such as studio access, classrooms, and gallery space to foster creative growth and innovation. We will create new opportunities for Atlanta’s burgeoning arts community and enable the city to retain its creative talents. It will also have profound impact on the areas economy by building community life, attracting visitors, and increasing economic activity.


We extend a special invitation for your early involvement! With the links below you can sign-up for various levels of involvement and share your input to help shape the future of this one-of-a-kind program!.

Click on the link above if you would like to receive affordable housing or work space, participate in TCP's public programming on site, to access our event space, or if you might be interested in joining The TCP ART-FORCE staff.


Please consider providing input that will better enable us to serve Atlanta through the renovation and activation of this historic property.

Your participation in the survey linked above will be crucial in helping our team and future funders better understand you and your needs as a cultural enthusiast and/or contributing member of Atlanta's creative economy. The information gathered here will help us continue to make the case for the importance of community involvement and affordability in property redevelopment.

*Please note ALL personal data will remain confidential and will only be used to support the research and development of this and similar TCP projects.


We need Atlanta's support to expand ART-FORCE! From operating support for our community driven programs to capital support for the acquisition of future sites, we invite you help bring The ART-FORCE program to life!