The Creatives Project (TCP) is a vital force in Atlanta’s arts community.

TCP strengthens and unites arts, education, community and commerce by creating an arts eco-system that empowers eager citizens to recognize Atlanta’s potential.

TCP accomplishes this goal by engaging fresh resources, implementing crucial and deliberate arts and culture initiatives and leading arts-based education.

TCP patrons donate subsidized housing and free studio space to support our artists as they serve Atlanta neighborhoods by generating vibrant and fertile communities poised for economic growth and development.

It is our mission to enrich and strengthen local communities through quality arts-based education and outreach, while celebrating and elevating the city's visual and performing artists.

Through our Community Arts Program (CAP) and our Creative Community Housing Project (CCHP) we ...

  •  provide educational programs enabling artists to give back through youth and community outreach.
  •  provide a mentorship program partnering artists with youth to nurture the city's creative future. 
  •  provide living, studio, and exhibition space through our Artist-in-Residency program.
  •  support artists' exposure and access to new audiences nationwide.

The Creatives Project (TCP) emerged from the fundamental need to connect available resources to Atlanta’s diverse, yet separated communities that lack an outlet for creative expression. These unique communities are full of passionate neighbors who have faced enormous economic setbacks. TCP wishes to empower these citizens to rebuild by:

  • Facilitating and encouraging dialogue between all stakeholders
  • Generating a “circle of giving” model that will equip the community with tools and resources to create
  • Energizing and strengthening each individual to give and receive support to establish Atlanta’s sustainable arts ecosystem

TCP strives to change the face of our city by giving voices to those who have none and inspiring emerging artists and underserved communities to leave a lasting impact on Atlanta.


Tabia Parker
Outreach Coordinator

David Courtright
Musical Curator

Neda Abghari
Founder/ Executive Director

Theo Tyson
Event Director

Elaina Winter
Administrative Intern


Khurram Hassan | *Board President | Advantage Consulting Inc. | Principal

S'Heelia Ann Marks | *Treasurer

David Goodrowe | Goodrowe Hobby | Owner & Creative Director

Caryn Grossman | CG Creative Interiors | Owner & Creative Director

Molly Mackenzie | Jamestown Properties | VP of Asset Management

Keith Martinez | Credit Suisse | Relationship Manager

Laura Moody | Midtown Alliance | Director, Member Engagement and Partnerships

Nadia Rahali | The Loudermilk Center | Director

Melissa Roberts | Atlanta Regional Commission | Community Engagement Coordinator

Angela Wiggins | Earnest Journey | Owner


Advisory Board:

Kevin Cole | Artist | ATL

Daria Brit Greene | SCOPE Art Show | Vice President | NYC

Anthony Harper | Hallister Development | Owner | ATL

Veronica Kessenich | The Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center | Development Director | ATL

Debra Hampton | Artist | NYC

Scott Pohl | Pohl Real Estate | Owner | ATL

Cindy Schwarzstein | Cartwheel Art | Founder + Director | Los Angeles

Cator Sparks | The MANUAL | Editor-in-Chief | NYC

Stuart Shapiro | Binders Art Supply | ATL


Review Panelists:

Laura Bell | Painter, Saskia Benjamin | Executive Director Art Papers Magazine, Jessica Booth | Coordinator of Arts Education Atlanta Public Schools, Felicia Feaster | Arts Critic + Writer, Ben Goldman | Curator Kibbee Gallery, Jerushia Graham | Artist, Matt Haffner | Photographer + Professor Kennesaw State University, Jill Hall | Turner Broadcasting , Sarah Hoke | Architect Gensler, Stuart Horodner | Curator Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center , Gene Kansas | Founder Side Walk Radio, Veronica Kessenich | Development Director Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center, Elizabeth Labbe-Webb | Executive Director VSA Arts of Georgia, Marianne Lambert | Curator Swan Coach House Gallery, Jennifer Lingvall | Executive Director One Love Generation, Ann-Marie Manker | Painter + Professor  Savannah College of Art and Design, Rachel Resse | Editor BurnAWAY Magazine, Ashley Schick | Printmaker, Louise Shaw | Curator David J. Sencer Museum CDC, Preston Snyder | Principal Braden Fellman Group, Kelly Teasly | Founder Young Blood Gallery, Anne Tracht | Curator + President ConsultArt Inc.



2015-17 The White House | ACT/ART - Contemporary Arts Committee Member | Washington, DC  

2015 Advanced Aesthetics | Advancing Atlanta Award | Atlanta, GA

2015 Creative Loafing | Neighborhood MVP | Atlanta, GA

2014 Atlanta Magazine | Groundbreakers Innovator Award | Atlanta, GA

2014 The Arts of Humanity | Humanitarian Achievement Award | Chicago, IL

2013 Emory University | Creativity & Arts Community Impact Award | Atlanta, GA

The Creatives Project would not exists without the generosity of those listed below. We are so grateful for their continued support!



Atlanta Arts Festival

Braden Fellman Group

Digital Arts Studio

Fontanelle Entertainment

Habachy Designs

Methane Studios

Nice Hat Productions



(please scroll through the gallery below)



CONTRIBUTING: $100.00 - $500

Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall

Adrianne Serrano Proeller

Angela Moland

Anthony Harper

BryAnn Chen

Carl Maas

Caryn Grossman

Chris Crowell

Chris Melhouse

Corrine Federer and Sherry Godfrey

Dan and Jennifer McGraw

David Bruckner

David Goodrowe

Derek Murphy and Wanda Dunaway


Graham McCullough

Hormuz Minina

Itaki Design Studios

Jay Higginbotham

Jay Tribby

Jay Wiggins & Martha Wilber

Jim and Meta Issa

John Rhodes

Katie Gray

Keely Harris

Khurram Hassan

Lauren Tilson

Laurel Rummel

Lionel Flax

Linda Burns

M Renee Daniel

Mark Karleson

Mark Peterson

Melissa Roberts 

Meredith McGuire

Methane Studios

Molly Mackenzie

Nadia Rahali

Peter Leafman

Preston Snyder

Phil and Carolyn Greifeld

Robert Shaw

Scott Deloach

Stuart Shapiro

Siavash and Shahla Abghari

Tamara Connor

Tanya Farshy

Vicki Powell

Zekavati Family

CONTRIBUTING: $10.00- $99.00

Adam Bloom

Adahm Riazinia

Alain Didier

Anna Zekavati

Amir Farokhi

Akeem Marable

Alex Leopold

Alex Martinez

Alicia Johnson

Alison Buxbaum

Alli Royce Soble

Angela Moland

Bell & Washington

Bethany Marchman

Betty Thurmond

Bill Bounds

Brandon Peters

Brent Dey

Brent Walker

Brian Skellie

Brooke M Richards

Carly Eiseman

Caroline Bounds

Caryn Grossman

Cator Sparks

Chad K.

Chris Buxbaum

Christin Christo

Christopher Butler

Clare Johnston

Clay Seymore

Dan Lax

David Heymann

David Moore

Debra and John Steinmann

Deisha Oliver

Denise Duplinski

Denise Stewart

Dorothy O'Connor

Dosa Kim

Doug St James

Edwin Myers

Emily Sistrunk

Eric Caposella

Erik Flam

Erin Hall

Erin Behan

Eshsan Sarsharzadeh

Frank Yolucan

Frenzy Hunter

Gabrielle  Davis

Geoff Page

Gina Reynoso

Harold Daniels

Harris Blankenship

Howard Deutsch

James O'Donnell

Jamieson Haverkampf

Jenny Bunny Bunns

Jill Hall

John Fergueson

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Pharis

Jonathan Zarion-Dero

John Robinson

John Tindel

Josh Darr

Joy Phrasavath

Julianna Bowman

Kaia Lay Rafoss

Kandyss Watson

Karen Freed

Karen Glass

Kathy Mc Cullen

Keith Evans

Keif Schleifer

Ken Schneiderman

Kerin Wright

Khairi Mdnor

Kristen Buckley

Kris Zimmermann

Kyle Puckett

Laura Dengler

Leslie Walton

Lea Bennett

Leah Guzman

Lena Kotler

Lindey Caldwell

Lisa H

Malaika Major

Marcia Vaitsman

Margaret Kargbo

Marie Weaver

Mark Montgomery

Marmar Stewart

Matt Odom

Maureen O'Leary

Mia C. Nunnally

Michael E. Murphy

Mike Zarin

Mo Akbar

Molly Coffee

Nassim Zecavati

Nick Boxer

Nikki Memar

Orlando Thompson

Peyton Bibrey

Rachel Amber Singleton

Recho Onondi

Renee Alexander Hamilton

Renee Luke

Rhonda Vincent

Rodney White

Salena Gordon

Sarah Edwards

Seth Keaveny

Shana Robbins

Shannon Barbour

Sheelia Marks

Sheila O'Shea

Sherri Caudell

Skylar McCloskey


Stephanie Baker

Stephanie Dowda

Stephanie Kong

Stephanie Richardson

Suzanne Arpin

Tania Calderon

Tanya Mercurio

Terri Dilling

Tifanny Joel

Timothy Gottshall

TL Mc Clendon

Todd Dominey

Tracy Brandt Case

Travis Gohr

Vanessa Williams

Veronica Kessenich

Vijay Das

We Design Atlanta



AJ Gabril

Ananda Lo

Andrea Dorsey

Amy Armour

     Amandine Drouet   

Arin Mason

Callie Householder

Christian Weaver

Colby Blount

Danny Davis

Dena Peake

Emily Tiedje

Hagen Linss

Jerome Kendrick

Jessica Smith

Katie Clay Calhoun

Katie Melick

Keela Starr

Kevin Archer

Kristi Brantley

Kyla Smith

Lashelle Robinson

Margaret Crane

Margaret Kargbo

Monica Polo

Nija Major

Patrick Bannan

Red Adler

Rosemari Felix

Sam Marks

Sean McHugh

Shana Lee

Stephanie Cottle

Susan Warren

Thida Penn