The Community Arts Program (CAP)


CAP is the arts education outreach program of The Creatives Project. TCP's CCHP Artists in Residence complete their service hour requirements through this program whose beneficiaries include Jacob's Ladder, One Love Generation, Perkerson Elementary SchoolVSA Arts of Georgia, and the youth of YO Boulevard .

This program is designed to educate and mobilize underserved communities. TCP takes a hands-on approach to its teaching initiatives and strives to develop long-term, personal relationships with its beneficiaries. By utilizing the talents and special skills of TCP resident artists, the CAP enables TCP artists to share their knowledge and give back by helping individuals and communities nurture their creative voices. TCP's CCHP Artists-in-Residence explore his/her discipline with students, teachers and community members through workshops, classes, lectures, discussions, rehearsals, performances, community events and mentorship. 


  We aim to develop arts education programming specifically for highly underserved neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta by offering CAP programming to schools, community centers and neighborhoods with very high concentrations of children living in low income situations who may also have disabilities or other developmental delays. In conjunction with entities such as Juvenile Services, the Department of Youth Corrections, and/or the Board of Education, these programs will also aim to help students develop a creative voice for externalizing issues that have led them to their current state. It is our belief that by giving these children the opportunity to explore alternate means of expression, they will learn to identify psychological triggers for violence and aggression, ultimately  exploring the roots of their situation.

  In conjunction with the educational program, a mentorship program has been developed to pair artists with at-risk youth, providing support and guidance for children to explore creative passions, ultimately building strong relationships that positively impact children's lives.


  We aim to develop arts education programming specifically for our community at large through the creation and implementaion of an adult education program consisting of studio classes, workshops, lectures, and open studio visits conducted by CCHP residents.