2011-13 STUDIO Residents

Justin Rabideau, Brandon Sadler, Hannah Perner Wilson, Jerushia Graham, Margaret Hiden, Marcy Starz, Ashley Schick, and Nikki Starz

Justin Rabideau, Brandon Sadler, Hannah Perner Wilson, Jerushia Graham, Margaret Hiden, Marcy Starz, Ashley Schick, and Nikki Starz

ARTIST STAtements & Porfolios

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Jerusiah Graham

Jerushia Graham is a printmaker & fiber artist. She is an Art Foundations instructor for the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur, and a printmaking/book arts instructor for institutions such as Kennesaw State University, Southwest Arts Center & Abernathy Arts Center. She has been a guest lecturer at the University of Georgia as well as designed and taught arts programming for a variety of organizations (i.e. African American Museum in Philadelphia, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, The Rosenbach Museum and Library, The Spelman College Fine Art Museum, and The Dream Community in Taiwan). Ms. Graham served as the Outreach Coordinator forthree years at Atlanta Printmakers Studio and previously was the Museum & Education Coordinator at Spiral Q Puppet Theater.  She holds B.F.A. Degrees in Printmaking. and Fabric Design (both from the University of Georgia) and an M.F.A. in Book Arts/Printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. Her work can be viewed at www.artbyjerushia.com.

Justin Rabideau

Justin Rabideau was born in West Chazy, New York, a rural town in the Northern region of the state. He attended The State University of New York at Plattsburgh, where he received a BFA in Sculpture and Printmaking in 2002. While in Plattsburgh, Justin participated in many exhibitions and received the Jane Prescott Rowlson Award for achievement in the arts. Justin participated as an Artist Intern at Franconia Sculpture Park in Shafer, Minnesota in 2001, as well as, an Artist in Residence at Sea Side Sculpture Park in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 2002. From 2003-2006 Justin lived in Athens, Georgia to pursue his MFA degree with a concentration in Sculpture. During his time in Georgia, Justin had an active role in the artist community, participating in exhibitions which included; Fresh Assortment, curated by Michael Lucero, The First Annual Artist Symposium in Navidad, Chile, exhibiting at the Fay Gold Gallery, as well as, completing a commissioned sculpture located in Athens, Greece. Upon completion of his degree in 2006, Justin moved to Syracuse, New York where he was the Preparator at the Everson Museum of Art, as well as, an Adjunct Instructor at Cazenovia College. In 2008, he moved to West Palm Beach, Florida where he worked as the Preparator at the Flagler Museum and as an Adjunct Instructor at Palm Beach State College. In May of 2011, Justin relocated to Atlanta and is currently the Interim Director of the Zuckerman Museum of Art at Kennesaw State University. Justin is an exhibiting artist with Dashboard Co-op and an Artist in Studio Resident with The Creatives Project. Recent exhibits include: a site specific installation for Ground Floor, Waste Not a two artist exhibit at Barbara Archer Gallery and What Remains, Remembers a solo exhibit at Palm Beach State College. More information can be found at www.justinrabideau.com

Brandon Sadler

A native of Atlanta, Brandon Sadler's unique approach to illustration and calligraphy has garnered the attention of galleries and media alike culminating in an ever-growing body of work and a place in the contemporary collection of the High Museum. His solo and group exhibitions have brought him accolades as one of Atlanta's most prolific artists. Sadler's aesthetic interests have been informed by his involvement in the American graffiti and street art sub-cultures, which formed the beginnings of his artistic process. The influences of Japanese Ukiyo-e, calligraphy, and other Asian art forms have impacted his aesthetic interests and greatly influenced his unique artistic style. This artistic inquiry has led to the creation of a body of work exhibited in galleries and the public arena, that merges East and West fluidly. Often, the resulting imagery speaks to a universal human condition through a narrative style encrypted with symbolism, text, and decorative elements. By exploring broad themes relating to current societal conditions, he exposes man's battle with himself, society, and nature. Sadler's transformation of these cultures illustrates perfectly, the universality of art and its ability to activate the individual and the community.

Ashley Schick

Ashley L. Schick makes works on paper and artists’ books. From September 2011 to September 2013, Ms. Schick has been selected to be a part of the Creatives Project’s Artist-In-Studio Residency Program. She is co-founding the fine art print publishing and contract printshop Straw Hat Press, which will be opening at the Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta in October 2012. She also works at an artist’s assistant to Brian Dettmer, initially through his grant from MOCA-GA’s Working Artist Project. Ms. Schick graduated with an M.F.A. in Printmaking from SCAD-Atlanta, with her thesis work focusing on the creation of identity through the retelling of family stories. She received her undergraduate degree in Printmaking, with a minor in Packaging Science, from the University of Florida. Her work has been exhibited regionally, nationally, and internationally. She currently lives and works in Atlanta, GA.

Marcy Starz

Marcy Starz is an emerging artist living in Atlanta, Ga. Her work has been exhibited in galleries throughout the city such as Beep Beep, Mason Murer, and earlier this year was included in MOCA GA's Movers & Shakers exhibition. She received a bachelor of fine arts degree from Kennesaw State University in 2009 and is one of the recipients of The Creatives Project's Artist in Studio award. Marcy's work is an observation of human character and the role gender plays in our perception and expectations of one another. Animals carry a lot of symbolism and meaning for most people, representing any characteristic from wisdom to violence to fertility, the meanings associated with one animal can vary cross-culturally or stay quite similar. In our fast-paced and techno-centric society she choses narrative imagery that has a timeless quality and bridges across generational gaps. The juxtaposition of realistically rendered figures against flat, repetitious surfaces create an environment of negative space where the characters interact. The layers created in the pieces produce a ghostly effect, causing the figures to take on a ethereal appearance and reinforcing the notion that they are figments; fleeting urges and hazy memories.

Nikki Starz

While pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Ceramics at Kennesaw State University, Nikki Starz cultivated an interest in constructing well-crafted, conceptually-derived figurative sculpture. In her recent sculptural installations she has been experimenting with visually absurd allegorical dioramas. After graduating she worked for Malone Fabrication and Design and Scenario Custom Scenery building sets, natural history exhibits and museum artifacts. Her industry experiences have greatly altered her concepts, material choices and techniques. She now works primarily with fiberglass, resin, foam, modeling clay, silicones, and casting plastics. Nikki has shown at several galleries in Atlanta including Whitespace Gallery and Kibbee Gallery and has also shown work at the Sanat Galerisi at Kocaeli Universitesi in Turkey. She is a current Creatives Project artist-in-studio resident and works at The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Hannah Perner-Wilson

Hannah Perner-Wilson combines conductive materials and craft techniques, developing new styles of building electronics that emphasize materiality and process. She received a BA in Industrial Design from the University for Art and Industrial Design Linz and an MA in Media Arts and Sciences from the MIT Media Lab, where she was a student in the High-Low Tech research group. Since 2006 Hannah has collaborated with Mika Satomi, forming the collective KOBAKANT. In 2009, as research fellows at the Distance Lab in Scotland, KOBAKANT published the website titled How To Get What You Want, where they share their textile sensor designs and DIY approach to E-Textiles.

*Margaret Hiden

Margaret Hiden is a passionate, photography-based fine artist and educator based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Birmingham, Alabama native holds a B.F.A. in photography from Birmingham-Southern College and recently graduated at the top of her class with an M.F.A. in photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta. Hiden is actively involved with organizations such as the Society for Photographic Education, College Art Association and has spent time living in Rockport, Maine working with esteemed photographers such as Andrea Modica and Debbie Fleming-Caffery as a photography faculty teaching assistant at the Maine Media Workshops. Her work and research explore themes dealing with the photograph’s function; specifically, those that incorporate appropriated and original imagery leading to commentary on philosophies of the medium that pertain to memory. She has a particular obsession with Kodachrome transparency. Margaret has exhibited locally and nationally and has been internationally recognized.

*While alternates are not initially provided with studio space they will benefit from exhibition and career support opportunities. Alternates will receive space in the event that a finalist exits the residency and/or when additional studios are acquired by the organization at a later date.