The Capture Project

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The world moves fast. Technology rules. Experience counts but so does knowing when to leap off with both feet and land squarely in the new, the risky and the wildly exciting.

This is a joint project between VSA arts of Georgia and The Creatives Project. It is designed to take advantage of everything that 40+ years in the Atlanta Community has taught AND everything that is fresh and different about a brand new organization. When these two organizations met, you could feel it in the air. SPARKS! It just fit. "We should work together!"

The Capture Project is a visual media outreach program developed within TCP's Community Arts Program to stimulate youth empowerment and community enrichment.

The program will be customized to provide underserved youth in the Atlanta Metro area with tools they’ll need to produce short films highlighting opportunities for growth in their neighborhoods. TCP will work to form partnerships with local neighborhood associations, community development organizations, and area schools to build support and ensure accessibility for residents.

The Capture Project’s goal is to use technological integration as a medium to promote social responsibility, professionalism, and team building.

Our efforts are aimed at building new perspectives in communities that may struggle with outdated archetypes. Although many young people have been greatly empowered through technology, not enough of them have been exposed to effective ways of leveraging it. This program presents an opportunity for them to enhance the quality of their lives and the lives of those around them. Our volunteer staff of industry professionals will implement a focused curriculum covering the fundamentals of documentary arts. Students will be required to work collaboratively; each with his/her own specific set of responsibilities to uphold. It is our intention to encourage peer-to-peer recognition, and instill a consistent feeling of accomplishment amongst our participants.

The Capture Project is based on principles that reach far beyond learning how to compose a photograph or sync video/audio. We want to foster new forms of self-expression inside of a demographic that may benefit from a different point-of-view. The program aspires to generate a higher level of accountability with regards to our local communities and their elected officials. Upon completion of their documentaries, students will have the opportunity to release them publicly, using social media and other viral distribution methods. Our purpose with this initiative is to connect professionals who are passionate about their craft with kids that yearn to be passionate about something.


We want to expand our reach into specific, highly under served neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta by offering the Capture Project to schools, community centers and neighborhoods with very high concentrations of children living in low income situations who may also have disabilities or other developmental delays. We want to build new perspectives in communities that may struggle with outdated archetypes. We want to teach youth, who have embraced technology, to use it to affect change in their own neighborhoods, on their own terms.

Our team is poised to jump into projects that will teach the documentary arts, hands on, collaboratively and in real time with current equipment. After working with The Capture Project we will unleash the power of youth who have learned new forms of self-expression, how to explore different points-of-view and how to create a community that holds itself, and its elected officials accountable for what works and what does not. Students completing the program have, as a result of their own work, a tool that can be released, using social media and other viral distribution methods to spur change.

 WE MET OUR POWER2GIVE GOAL sponsored by the City of Atlanta's Bureau of Cultural Affairs.

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