The Process of Support with Scott Pohl

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The Creatives Project recently had a chance to catch up with Scott Pohl, the patron behind our current call for submissions. Thanks to our recent partnership with Pohl Real Estate, this fall two local artists will be selected to share a three-bedroom EarthCraft-renovated home located in the historic west Atlanta neighborhood of Adair Park. Through a subsidized lease, the residency will allow each artist an extremely affordable live/work environment while engaging their creative skills for the greater good. 

Thank You Scott! We truly appreciate your support and are so excited about the expansion of our residency program through your generosity. TCP & ATL love you!


TCP Patron Scott Pohl of Pohl Real Estate at one of his properties
where EarthCraft renovations are about to begin!

How long have you been living and working in the Atlanta Area? 

I have been living in Georgia for 36 years. Our family real estate business started in 1988 with approximately five college student rental units in the West End (near Morehouse college). Within ten years we grew our business to 48 student rental units. For the first 20 years, I worked on a part-time basis alongside my father. In 2004, I was also working for Touchstone Homes building EarthCraft homes in Tributary/Douglasville, Georgia.

When the construction industry crashed, I focused on growing Pohl Real Estate and have since been a full-time real estate investor. Pohl Real Estate realized a grant from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program in 2009. Since receiving the NSP grant, we have doubled property holdings and are now offering EarthCraft certified homes for lease to lower income families. 

How did you hear about TCP's residency program?

Neda Abghari (TCP executive director) and I met at the TCP launch party at King Plow art's center in February 2011. Our mutual friend Luz del Cielo introduced us. I went to the party after reading a Creative Loafing article about what Neda was doing with her project and decided to find out what TCP was all about.

What attracted you to the organization and how did you decide to involved in this capacity?

Well, I have always supported the arts. My first business, Nomenclature Museum, featured artists on a regular basis. I have always been surrounded by artistic friends and I have witnessed the financial trials and tribulaitons they face as artists. After speaking with Neda about The Creatives Project, I realized that it was a great opportunity for me to give back to the artist community.
As a real estate investor and developer, why is supporting this type of project important to you and your company?

The art community makes a great contribution to our society and I want to help them make this happen. What The Creatives Project is doing for artists is really inspiring. I am just happy to be a part of the project.
The home that you are making available for the residency is an EarthCraft home. Could you explain what it means for a home to be EarthCraft certified.

An EarthCraft certified home is basically a home that is 15% - 20% more energy efficient than your standard non-EarthCraft home. To achieve the EarthCraft status, a home must pass testing standards set by EarthCraft (Southface Energy Institute). My EarthCraft homes typically feature spray foam insulation on sealed crawlspace walls, R-38 cellulose, Energy Star appliances, low-flow water fixtures, 14 SEER HVAC units, Zero VOC paints/stains, and are all electric.

How important do you think it is for emerging artists to have comfortable living/working spaces in which they can be creative?

Everyone needs a comfortable home and work space. I think a comfortable live/work space is an essential need especially for an artist.
Will you be involved in choosing the artists for the housing project? If so, what criteria will you consider when making your selections?

Yes, I will. I must review all applicants to make sure they meet our rental guidelines.  All applicants must have a verified source of income, a bank account, and file taxes.


 Pohl Real Estate has been investing in West Atlanta for the past 30 years. In 2009, Pohl Real Estate was one of 12 Atlanta developers awarded funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Having partnered with the City of Atlanta/NSP, Pohl Real Estate has expanded into the Historic West End and the Adair Park neighborhoods.  Pohl's recent NSP homes are all renovated to EarthCraft guidelines (using "Green Grant" funding assistance from Enterprise Community Partners/Home Depot).  All NSP properties are rented within the Federal rental income guidelines provided by HUD and NSP - as a result, tenants realize amazing rental rates on energy efficient EarthCraft certified homes.

The Creatives Project (TCP) is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit arts organization with a mission to enrich and strengthen the local community through quality arts-based education and outreach, while celebrating and elevating the city’s visual and performing artists. In 2011, TCP introduced its Artist-in-Residency program which continues to expand its reach with the support of local businesses, volunteers, and patrons. Through uniting the arts, education, community, and commerce TCP builds strong foundations and partnerships further enabling arts eco-systems to flourish.

 CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS ARE DUE August 15th 2012 12:00 AM EST 


   •     Wed. Aug 15th 2012 12:00 AM EST Deadline for 2012 submission 
    •     Mon. Sept 17th  private announcement of recipients
    •     Thurs. Sept 20th  finalists’ phase two materials due
    •    Mon. Sept 24th public announcement of residents
    •    Fri. Oct 19th Annual TCP Resident Exhibition
    •    Late Oct/early Nov residents move in 
    •    Resident outreach begins in October



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