interesting email... food for thought

about a month ago i posted a link to this site on a local list serve.

as usual, there were many words of encouragement and helpful words of advise/feedback. i did however receive this email that i found quite interesting...

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Sent: Tuesday, November 13, 2007 4:10:27 PM
Subject: The Atlanta Creatives Project

Hello Everyone,
My name is Neda Abghari. I recently started a photo documentary that will be showcasing a wide range of Atlanta's creative scene.

Please take a look and enjoy...


On Nov 13, 2007, at 11:48 PM, XXXXX wrote:


I've seen your documentary stuff and posted it to XXXXX some time ago. I assume it is in it's infantile stage but the folks you photographed so far I would not consider staples in the creative class here. Just curious, how do you go about choosing the subjects?

Subject: Re: The Atlanta Creatives Project
Date: November 14, 2007 10:32:27 AM EST

Hello , XXXXX

Thank you for expressing an interest in the project.

Yes this documentary is in it's begining phases, and I am aware that the recent talent I have chosen as subjects may not be known or recognized by the mainstream. One of my goals is to open people's eyes to all aspects of creative culture here in Atlanta, much of which has not been revealed or deemed creative by Atlanta's powers that be.

The project, although not limited to, maintains a focus on Atlanta's "creative underground". As I am aware that these particular individuals may not be considered "staples", in what I am assuming you are referring to as the "fine art" creative class, they are established individuals in their own right.

Every creative chosen for the project is currently exhibiting as an artist, musician, or performer. Many of the creatives I will be including in the documentary, I have found through art openings, publications, performances, and some through word of mouth.

I began this project in hopes of witnessing and personally experiencing a cultural re-education; from mainstream to underground, underground to mainstream. As eyes fall upon the project, my goal comes to fruition. For this is the reason I have chosen to share the blog with the community.

May you enjoy it.

Kindest Regards,
Neda Abghari

i was under the impression that creativity is an area of subjectivity...
hmm maybe i'm wrong.

dear readers/viewers...
i pose a question:

who chooses or should choose "staples in the creative class"?

kt: makes an interesting point:

On Dec 3, 2007, at 1:42 PM, K.T wrote:

on saturday night I went to a couple of low-brow art shows with a friend. . .(she grew up in california. . .she's not an artist, but an art appreciator, a cultural eccentric. . .she's studying to be an anthropologist, goes to africa to study bonobos).

she said (perhaps as an outsider comment to the art we were seeing) : when there's no criticism, popularity rules. . .

and we continued: . . .when popularity becomes art criticism, then. . . more and more. . .gimicks take the cake . . . anti-intellectualism. . .speed and spectacle. . .but also innocence, and freedom. . .

we are in an age of celebrity, of bling-bling, we are aware of the tools for gathering crowds, everyone is empowered to play. . .of course artistic practices are affected by this. . .but I'm not sure which is worse, dictatorships from art authorities, (investing power in officially trained gatekeepers). . .or opening up to another kind of arbitrary power: populace tastes and reactions.

I do not prefer either. but I do like, perhaps, that these two ends are, kind of, competing with each other at the moment. . .at an interesting point of equality, these polarities distract and inform each other, create a sense of urgency, sometimes have warfare. . .provide a very wide, good, confusing vista to work in between.

on sunday, I was talking to another friend, (a sub-culture connoisseur). . .he impressed me with a fine list of florida dives to visit. . .(last time he hooked me up with connections in london). . .I said to him, knowing he's looking to switch professions, "you know you could publish a sub-culture guide . . ." his response: "never! I want these places to continue to exist. . .I only give this information out by word of mouth."

after visiting venice this fall, I realized something about the nature of secret travel routes and protected information, it's to be shared carefully . . . .

this is not elitism so much as protectionism, doesn't have to be about money. . .big crowds & average tourists devour what they are directed to love.

it's not a new thing. . . there's a price to pay for adoration from large crowds. but . . .there's also a price to pay for the guarding of gates, the controlling of aesthetics.

if you have a minute...comments are welcome.

i'm shooting josh latta this week... post again soon