Chris Devoe

Chris Devoe in his ATL studio

Tell us about your favorite childhood object...

My toy is not actually from my childhood. I did however have lots of toys like this one when I was a child. When I was a kid I had my share of noise makers. I’m in my 30’s, my childhood toys are long gone. The toy in the photo is a kid’s toy that I use sometimes for sampling. It’s similar to the Speak and Spell, but without the computer chip.

How long have you lived in Atlanta? How did you end up here?

I moved here in 1999...needed work, plus all my friends lived here from art school. Most of my friends now live in NYC, who knows, maybe I will be next.

At what point did you realize music was something you wanted to pursue?

I started making electronic music because I became frustrated with being in bands.  At the time it wasn’t very common to make electronic music or to produce as a solo artist. These days it seems like everyone and their mother makes beats. Originally, I got in music to play guitar in metal/hardcore bands

Describe your sound. How did you get into playing that type of music?

That is a hard question to answer.  I will just say that the guitar was my first entrance into making music. Most of the sounds that I use come from some kind of analog source..
I try to make my music sound as organic as I can. Which can be a challenge since I’m tracking and sequencing everything.

Which music medium do you prefer to use and why? Vinyl? CD? MP3?

Vinyl, I think it’s pretty obvious. It just sounds better. 

How do you discover new music? any secret resources you want to turn us onto?

Most of the best new music that I discover is through my friends or word of mouth.

Take us through your creative process.

I can't really reveal my secrets. I usually start with a really small idea, or sample and or melody. After that I just build pieces around it. It's kind of like a puzzle.
How would you say Southern culture/living in Atlanta has influenced your work??

I was raised in the south, originally from Florida (Jacksonville). It’s not something that I really think about. It’s just part of who I am.

Who/What are some of your inspirations?

For the most part its people who inspire me; friends, other musicians, artists, family etc.

Who are some of your favorite Atlanta artists?

Zano, R.Land, Ryan Rasheed, Steven Dixey, Deerhunter, Sam Parker, Dosa Kim, The Selmanaires, Jacob Escobedo  

Where is your favorite Atlanta hang out?

I spin records at a little hole in the wall spot called  El Myr and The Highland Inn lounge, I have had a lot of good times in those two places as well. 529 is also a great place to hang out and have a drink. It has the best sound system I’ve heard it this town. Great place to play and see a show.

What music/album are you currently listening to?

I listen to a lot of music, it’s impossible to list it all. Here are the last four records that I have purchased.
1 Oneida – Rated O
Ghana Soundz Vol.2: Afro-Beat, Funk & Fusion In 70s Ghana 2LP (so good)
3. Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind
4. Earth- "RADIO LIVE" 2007-2008

What is one thing you love about your life?

It feels good to live in a city, where I have a large community of artists and friends who are there for each. It's all love.

Check out Chris tomorrow night at EYEDRUM with The Selminaires on Saturday July 25 (10PM) with his experimental hip hop group Social Studies.

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