Bethany Marchman photographed by Neda Abghari
wardrobe: Caroline Dieter makeup: Roanna Bales

The Creatives Project is seeking visual artists, directors/film makers, dancers, and DJs to be the subjects of future exhibitions After three years of documenting Atlanta’s creative core, photographer Neda Abghari is locating talent to be featured in the national launch campaign of The Creatives Project.  In this next phase of the Project, Abghari will feature visuals artists employing fine art techniques, yet addressing subject matter that makes them accessible to a broader audience. The DJ's included will be included as a part of an ongoing series, photographed in their personal studios with their favorite childhood objects. Concepts for featured film makers and dancers are in the works. Exploring the intersections of media, culture, and fine art, The Creatives Project will serve as a snapshot of the current creative movement, highlighting the meshing of high and low brow in technique, context or medium.  The exhibition will include fifty portraits of the faces of the nation's’s creative community, while exploring how they connect and intersect within the city and beyond.  Participation in the Project will provide artists with the opportunity to connect with the larger creative community - in New York, Atlanta and nationally - and will also provide exposure and access to new audiences.  In keeping with the Project's original mission, Abghari hopes to use her photography to encourage participants and audiences alike to learn about artists in other genres,  find connections, and perhaps discover new inspiration that was right around the corner, but previously unknown.

If you are interested in participating, or would like more information about The Creatives Project email us: