Creative Loafing’s Neighborhood Guide launched the Do Good campaign, a series of grassroots partnerships with local neighborhoods to help them realize goals and projects they haven’t been able to accomplish on their own. The goal was to strengthen ties between neighbors as well as between neighborhoods and the greater Atlanta community.

ABOUT OUR PROJECT: The Creatives Project, Capitol View, and Capitol View Manor's Anti Littering Campaign & Beautification Project was selected for match funding!

This anti-littering campaign encouraged our residents to take pride in their streets and build healthy disposal habits amongst our neighbors especially our youth.

TCP Professional artists worked with the community to create original art for designated trash cans to be installed on highly polluted streets and corners. We created logo/campaign signage and collateral to educate the community about anti-littering. Artists worked with the CV(M) communities to design, plan, and execute this neighborhood beautification project while engaging neighborhood youth, residents, businesses and organizations. It was our goal to inspire and support the unity of our community through the involvement of fun art projects that brightened up our neighborhood!

Below you can view the process from start to finish!



A Do Good summer camp curriculum was facilitated with youth attending Perkerson Park's Camp Best Friends. It was designed to empower youth to become ambassadors of change through a service oriented arts curriculum. Participants learned to take pride in the beauty of their clean streets while building healthy disposal habits and teaching others to do the same. They created a large work of art with the use of recycled materials they collected during neighborhood clean ups. They worked with GOOD CLEAN DESIGN to create a campaign motto and logo to correspond with the release of an anti-littering newsletter and went door to door within the community to educate neighbors about the positive effects of anti-littering.

After a successful fundraising campaign trash cans were ordered and installed to include the logo and slogan created by youth residents.


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