The Community Arts Program (CAP) at Columbia provides The Creatives Project’s arts education curriculum to the youth and senior residents of Columbia Residential. TCP supports youth and elders with direct hands-on arts experiences through personalized instruction from TCP resident fellows. TCP encourages each fellow to explore his/her discipline with students, teachers and community members through a variety of components that include customized workshops, classes, lectures, community events, and mentorship.

During our 2018 Pilot increased the previous year’s enrollment by 166%. In 2018 youth participation was sustained for the duration of the 8 week block in contrast to 2017 when the program lost momentum and engagement from start to finish.

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Power Animals Led by Andrew Catanese

Power animals, familiars, or animal guides come out of shamanistic and animist traditions globally. They act as helpers to a particular person, guiding them in their pursuit of some goal. This course introduces the basics of the concept by having the participants identify a goal they have for themselves or a way they would like to be and choose a animal sidekick whose qualities would help them reach that goal. Each participant then creates a mask of their animal. The course creates an opportunity to talk about “who we are and how we would like to be”, and produce a physical object that reflects what children see in themselves.

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Grid Painting Led Maria Korol

A painting and collaging activity that focuses on the grid as an organizational structure. Employing a variety of of tones and textures, the students will explore monochromatic color theory. Students will also build engaging compositions using geometric shapes while utilizing tearing and cutting techniques. Participants will engage in a close study of density and value, as well as elements of design like symmetry and, rhythm.

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Cyanotypes Led by Adam Forrester

In this project, students are invited to consider sunlight as a component within their own process of image making. Through this process students are introduced to the magic and discovery of utilizing light to create an image of their own choosing. Depending on the availability of materials and number of students, ideally I would like students to create a small 8.5 x 11 inch Cyanotype to keep for themselves. Some examples of Cyanotypes utilizing objects (cassette tapes, flora) are included below

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Inflatable Sculptures Led by Sara Santamaria

Participants will created inflatable sculptures! Transforming 2D designs into 3D inflatable sculptures is an Introductory 3D design workshop that gives immediate hands-on experience with spatial reasoning that also involve participants in an open-ended process. This activity is a great way to explore working and thinking with materials in three dimensions.