Karen Tauches

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favorite local artist?

I think it's divisive to call favorites. that said, atlanta has a fine group of avant-guardes, living at the edge of what on the surface is a very mainstream, commercial, corporate city. Atlanta can be like casablanca for creatives; it's a place you end up for various reasons other than for art, while waiting to go somewhere else. it's also a polarized, cultural battlefield. this makes those on the edge more eccentric, fierce & independent. hell, there's nothing to lose here, and a lot of opportunity to experiment. that's something that atlanta has to offer.

here are some names (no particular order) and apologies to anyone I left out: the late gretchen humpfel, nat slaughter, brian parks, andy ditzler, robert cheatham, eggtooth, kiki blood, shana robbins, cece kane, daniel osborne, matt proctor, bill taft, r.land, omar, hormuz minina, patrick holbrook, naz, shana wood, zano, alison rentz, alvaro avillar, linda armstrong, ruth laxson, marshall avett, ana balka, jody fausett, benita carr, the art taxi, craig dongoski, julie puttgen, krispin harker and mary mae, sara hornbacher, lisa kemp, kristopher lamey (in person), that homeless guy who ties capes around his chest in little 5 and is so damn stylish, albino mattioli's animations, jason johnson's black paintings, nicholas fraser, don cooper, silas reeves (I just know he's an artist), travis pack's scratched photos (where the hell are ya?), stan woodard's transparency piece, chea prince, katie ridley, caroline smith, martha stiles, carlos tardio, evan levi, john otte, joe peragine's phallic, inflatable tank, benjamin solomon (words). . . . . . . .

what album/music are you currently listening to?


favorite local hang out?
ballroomm lounge, carlos's treehouse, the oakland cemetery, amy's house in c'town, pal's lounge, carroll st, northside tavern, aurora on weekdays.

one thing you love about your life?
my personal freedom. . ."

for updates on karen's work please check out her website : www.ktauches.com