Rene Arriagada

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Rene Arriagada (AKA Transmit Device, Ne Ne Bling Bling), was raised in Atlanta, GA. As a teenager he developed his artistic style from his love for building things and defacing public property. He first gained recognition as a street artist and has branched into gallery settings. Utilizing methods he developed for painstaking pre planning and fast execution in stencil works, his mediums now vary in mirror etchings, wood stains and cutouts. Old fashioned methods are preferred to create modern iconography; finding inspiration in punk rock, Star Wars, "Foxy boxing," dive bars, etc. Arriagada has been active in the Atlanta underground art community for years, putting together art shows and events. Although easy to work with, he will occasionally threaten to cut you ("cheek to cheek.")

special thanks to:
thunderbox studios for providing studio space,
special projects for supplying all props,
rag-o-rama for supplying clothing,
ransom the makeup artist for providing us with her time

Special Projects is a new sponsor

Guy Tuttle of Special Projects is a saint. He has given us access to his amazing set shop and prop house for future shoots.

Special Projects, Inc. is a full service scenic shop that specializes in Broadcast and Event Television design and construction. They have a large stock of set components and 3000 sq. ft. inventory of props and dressings. With more than twenty years of experience including network television specials,commercials and industrials, studio installations, theatrical design and major motion pictures, Special Projects, Inc. has the experience, engineering skills and creative capability to actualize any project...
and they support the arts!

we love you Special Projects

345 Glen Iris Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30312-1445

Rags to Britches

Yesterday while styling for Kiki Blood's upcoming shoot, she and I we decided to check out one of our favorite stores RAG-O-RAMA . Do you guys remember the days when Junkman's Daughter was on on the corner of Euclid and Colquitt... geez... those were the days...!.!.. bargains galore! haha... well those days are back. RAG-O-RAMA ROCKS... the change in your pockets! cause that is all you will need to be dressed like the next best thing out of this store.

And to top it off... they are supporting our project! After talking with Lauren Goodburn the store manager, we found ourselves with yet another sponsor! Wow. Today was definitely a good day. Two of my personal Atlanta favs added us to their list of favs. RAG-O-RAMA definitely added to the sunshine on an already beautiful day.

Please stop by the shop when you have a minute and return the favor of generosity... like I said, with their great prices your only gonna miss the change in your pockets!

They are located at:

1111 Euclid Avenue NE
Atlanta, GA 30307
(404) 658-1988

We love our sponsors!

Our newest sponsor is Velocity Screen Printing! YAY! We love these guys. Not only have they provided years of support to much of Atlanta's artistic community... they are bad ass screen printers! A BIG thank you to Bo Harmon owner of Velocity for supporting our project and taking care of our printing needs.

99 Elizabeth St.
Atlanta, Ga 30307
Click here for their myspace page

Now you will see our stickers all over the ATL... let us know if you would like copies of your own :)


Karen Tauches

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favorite local artist?

I think it's divisive to call favorites. that said, atlanta has a fine group of avant-guardes, living at the edge of what on the surface is a very mainstream, commercial, corporate city. Atlanta can be like casablanca for creatives; it's a place you end up for various reasons other than for art, while waiting to go somewhere else. it's also a polarized, cultural battlefield. this makes those on the edge more eccentric, fierce & independent. hell, there's nothing to lose here, and a lot of opportunity to experiment. that's something that atlanta has to offer.

here are some names (no particular order) and apologies to anyone I left out: the late gretchen humpfel, nat slaughter, brian parks, andy ditzler, robert cheatham, eggtooth, kiki blood, shana robbins, cece kane, daniel osborne, matt proctor, bill taft, r.land, omar, hormuz minina, patrick holbrook, naz, shana wood, zano, alison rentz, alvaro avillar, linda armstrong, ruth laxson, marshall avett, ana balka, jody fausett, benita carr, the art taxi, craig dongoski, julie puttgen, krispin harker and mary mae, sara hornbacher, lisa kemp, kristopher lamey (in person), that homeless guy who ties capes around his chest in little 5 and is so damn stylish, albino mattioli's animations, jason johnson's black paintings, nicholas fraser, don cooper, silas reeves (I just know he's an artist), travis pack's scratched photos (where the hell are ya?), stan woodard's transparency piece, chea prince, katie ridley, caroline smith, martha stiles, carlos tardio, evan levi, john otte, joe peragine's phallic, inflatable tank, benjamin solomon (words). . . . . . . .

what album/music are you currently listening to?


favorite local hang out?
ballroomm lounge, carlos's treehouse, the oakland cemetery, amy's house in c'town, pal's lounge, carroll st, northside tavern, aurora on weekdays.

one thing you love about your life?
my personal freedom. . ."

for updates on karen's work please check out her website : www.ktauches.com

A VERY special thanks!

We would like to extend a very very special thank you to Caryn Grossman , owner of CG Creative Interiors. Ms. Grossman has graciously provided us with a studio! We are so excited! The studio is beautiful! Caryn is an extremely talented designer of spaces and an amazing supporter of the arts. We now have a home, a great studio space out of which we will run our operations and shoot shoot shoot more of you!

If you see her out and about say hello.


Ms. Caryn Grossman :)

Steven Dixey

favorite local artist? i'm going to have to say, in no particular order: Stenvik Moström, and Jason Murphy. Hands down...

what album are you currently listening to?
The Sword, High On Fire, Iron Maiden, Pelican, Isis, Two Gallants, Lucero, Explosions In The Sky, Johnny Cash, Baroness, The Melvins & Big Business, Torche, Tom Waits, Old Man Gloom, The White Dove Frisbee Team... there's way too many to list.

favorite local hang out?
The Local, the Cleremont, and 97 Estoria, those are about the only places i go, except for maybe the Earl to see a show

one thing you love about your life? I don't know... not being dead, or in prison... i'm not sure how to answer this. I would like to say that I'm very grateful for my loving and supportive family and friends. I wouldn't be anywhere without them. So there, i guess i love that.

Dec 01-30, 2007, Eye Drum Gallery, Atlanta, GA. Two man show with Jason Murphy
Steven will be showing new paintings and giclee prints, Jason will be showing his "drill site" series.

Dec 07, 2007, New Street Gallery, Atlanta, GA. group show

Dec 14, 2007, Eastside Lounge, Atlanta, GA. "Sons of the South", group show
this is the launch show for the SOS collective.
prints will also be available at foundation one gallery and rabbit-hole gallery


dates TBA, stay tuned to www.stevendixey.com for details about the following shows

-group show of Atlanta based Ringling Alumni at beep beep gallery
-curating a group show at LAS gallery in Phoenix, Az.
-co-curating a top-secret show with Stenvik Moström at Eyedrum... get ready to run to the hills motherfuckers......
-more to be announced...

Special Thank You/ We Love You's to the individuals whom made this shoot possible...

Sister Louisa went without one of her "last supper" chairs for the weekend and...
Geoff allowed us to scare the neighbors with his AR15 rifle. maybe he'll let me practice my aim next time we go to the range... please? i hope...

We would like to thank Charlie Vlass and Vivian Mann owners of Army Surplus Sales Inc. for providing us with the great gear seen in this photograph. Their store is filled from floor to ceiling with amazing millitary "you name it"... I was so excited to find my buddy Charlie Owen's his Xmas gift for under 10 bucks. Seriously unheard of these days!

All ammunition was provided courtesy of Ben Autry, owner of Autrey's Armory Inc. I can't wait to take all my friends back to this great shooting range (ladies free on Wed nights ;)... their selection of guns and ammo is top notch... You'll know where to find Dixey and I on any given weekend (after taking Geoff's AR15 hostage)... come join us!

These business owners are graciously supporting our project. Please take a minute to check out their websites and return the effort of support: