The Creatives Project Proudly Announces the  2018-20 Artist-in-Studio Recipients


Jessica Caldas, Adam Forrester, Maria Korol, Kristan Woolford, Esteban Patino, Zipporah Camille Thompson, Andrew Catanese, and Sara Santamaria (not pictured) were announced as the 2018-20 residents at Sunday's exhibition preview of PRIME. (image by Rikki Klaus).  

The Creatives Project Proudly Announces the
2018-20 Artist-in-Studio Recipients 

The Creatives Project (TCP) is pleased to welcome its fourth group of "Artist-in-Studio" Residents.

Chosen from a talented pool of over 85 applicants by TCP’s Review Panelists, these finalists represent a true extension of the organization's spirit! As respected creative professionals, each artist shares a deep desire to help mold the future of Atlanta's young artistic minds. Stylistically they are quite unique as each possess a distinct aesthetic voice.

TCP's 2018-20 Artist-in-Studio Residents are:
Jessica Caldas
Andrew Catanese
Adam Forrester
Maria Korol
Sara Satamaria
Zipporah Camille Thompson
Kristan Woolford

Each of the selected artists will serve Atlanta's community as mentors and teachers through TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP) to provide arts education and outreach for youth and adults throughout the community. Residents will complete much of their outreach service in partnership with TCP's nonprofit beneficiaries. 

Stay tuned to learn more about these great talents in the upcoming weeks!

TCP proudly introduces "ART FORCE" housing at The Academy Lofts with Stryant Investments and Building Insights.



(Atlanta, Georgia- Oct 25th, 2017)

Local development partnership announces first affordable housing concept marketed to Atlanta’s creatively inclined.

press inquiries:

Arts nonprofit The Creatives Project has joined forces with local developers Stryant Investments, LLC and Building Insights, Inc to help fill Atlanta’s housing affordability gap through innovative redesign and social impact programming at the former site of the George Adair School that caters to artists and creatives.

The first concept of its kind in the city of Atlanta, The Academy Lofts Adair Park, endeavors to become a symbol of neighborhood revitalization, historic preservation, and community engagement through the establishment of a live/work atmosphere to support creative and cultural enthusiasts from throughout the region.  The Adair School was originally constructed in 1912 and is located at the heart of the Adair Park neighborhood, and only 1 block from the recently completed portion of the Atlanta Beltline trail. The property has been vacant since 1973 and has deteriorated significantly due to roof leaks over the last 10 years.

The plan for redevelopment includes 35 affordable micro-units for live/work space targeting creatives and artists, 5,000 sf of loft office tailored to small businesses and studio workspace, a revamped 3800 sf auditorium re-purposed for an art gallery & community event space, and a 1300 sf coffee shop.

Our vision for the site is a historic redevelopment focused on arts and community engagement where creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs will live, work, and interact both internally among each other, and externally within the Adair Park neighborhood, and the City of Atlanta at large.  This building was constructed at the heart of a beautiful community, across from a gorgeous park, and has been a blight for a long time.  We'd like to reactivate it so that the structure at the center of this neighborhood can actually become a neighborhood center. -Atticus LeBlanc Stryant Investments

The concept will provide affordable rental units that include creative amenities such as studio access, classrooms, and gallery space to foster creative growth and innovation. In addition, those living and working on site will offer classes, workshops, and seminars, and engage in collaborative and community-based projects.

With a lack of affordable housing options at an all time high, we are extremely excited to create “ART-FORCE” housing to support our city’s burgeoning arts community while enabling Atlanta to retain its creative talents. The Academy will serve as a backdrop for deep conversations about place and community enrichment via arts and culture initiatives while allowing residents time and space to develop new bodies of work, and opportunities for peer collaboration . -Neda Abghari Executive Director TCP

The developers closed on the purchase of the property in June of this year, and the property was rezoned for the concept in July. The redevelopment has already been awarded 1.5M in funding through Invest Atlanta's Housing Opportunity Bond Program to help maintain long term affordability, and will also leverage historic tax credits. The team has been in negotiations with several financial institutions, and looks forward to connecting with additional funding partners to complete the redevelopment by 1st quarter 2019.

TCP Director named Marshall Memorial Fellow

It is with great pride that we congratulate our Founder and Executive Director Neda Abghari for her recent appointment as a Marshall Memorial Fellow of the German Marshall Fund

She is Atlanta’s first Arts and Culture leader to participate in the prestigious program through which she will work to strengthen transatlantic ties with global leaders to shape the future of the Arts and public policy, locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Marshall Memorial Fellowship is GMF’s flagship leadership development program. Created in 1982 to introduce a new generation of European leaders to the United States, MMF grew in 1999 with a companion program that began sending emerging leaders from the United States to Europe. GMF awards 75 Marshall Memorial Fellowships each year to the best and brightest from all sectors, including business, government, and civil society. Selected fellows engage in 6 months of preparation designed to enhance their understanding of transatlantic relations before embarking on 24 days of policy immersion across the Atlantic. Today, the MMF alumni network numbers nearly 2,500 leaders.


GMF selects fellows from all 50 U.S. States and across 39 European countries.  These fellows join a network that includes notable alumni such as Emmanuel Macron, (MMF’06) Presidnet of France, Federica Mogherini (MMF 2007, Italy), EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy; Bertrand Badre (MMF 1998, France), Managing Director and World Bank Group CFO at the World Bank; and Annie Maxwell (MMF 2007, United States), President of the Skoll Foundation.


The TCP family of artists, staff, and board members thanks you for supporting the NINE Exhibition! You, our lovely visitors, volunteers and patrons have made it so magical!!! We are especially grateful for our generous partners! Knox Addley and The Goat Farm production team we have a huge blush inducing crush on you guys for showing us your big artsy muscles. Colorchrome, we are forever in love with you for believing in us and making us look pretty since 2009!! And last but not least Armour Yards and Third and Urban we are smitten with you and our new love affair. Thank you for making us feel so warm and fuzzy at your home on Ottley. We love you all...Y'all are the #artofcommunity in full effect and we are so lucky to have you. ❤️😍😍😍😍❤️ 


What a week it has been for our Executive Director Neda Abghari! Wednesday October 14th 2015 Abghari arrived at the Eisenhower Executive offices in DC to participate in a panel discussion entitled Using Art to Start Conversations and Change Culture presented by the White House for Justice and Opportunity; The power of the Arts; a program in support of National Youth Justice Awareness Month. President Obama has proclaimed it as a time to “recommit to ensuring our justice system acts not as a means for perpetuating a cycle of hopelessness, but as a framework for uplifting our young people with a sense of purpose so they can contribute to America's success.”

The program focused on the importance of the arts in building narratives, empowering communities and furthering youth justice. Youth participated in panels and group discussions where they talked about their experiences and learned about the history of juvenile justice. Afternoon sessions consisted of workshops for them to capture their reflections from the morning sessions though expressive art forms such as poetry slam and graffiti art. Each young person also received a signed proclamation from President Obama. 

Later that evening Abghari was invited to attend In Performance at the White House: A Celebration of American Creativity . Hosted by the President and Mrs. Obama,  the evening featured readings and musical performances that commemorated the 50th anniversary of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s signing of the National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities Act.  Signed into law into law on September 29, 1965, the act called for the creation of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) as separate, independent agencies, the culmination of a movement calling for the federal government to invest in culture.

The musical artists who performed in the East Room of the White House were: Buddy Guy, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, Audra McDonald, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Keb Mo, Smokey Robinson, Trombone Shorty, Esperanza Spalding, James Taylor, and Usher, with readings and remarks from Carol Burnett. The performances highlighted American-born musical genres including hip-hop, blues, and the American Songbook, art forms that the National Endowment for the Arts has supported over its 50 year history. A recording of the evening will premiere Friday Jan 8th 2016 at 9PM EST on PBS. 

Representing the southeast as a proud member of ACT/ART, the trip culminated the following day with the presentation of our first reception and a special performance of Truth as Evidence by artists Nyugen Smith and Cheryl Pope in the Indian Treaty Room. This new collaborative work addresses issues of juvenile justice. Pope and Smith began seated at a typewriter in the center of the room wearing official referee uniforms. DC youth entered the room two at a time, whispering poems and truths written and submitted by incarcerated youth in the DC Incarcerated Youth Program, as Pope and Smith played the roles of recorder, interpreter, and questioner, typing their Truths into a document they consider Evidence. These carbon-backed documents produced an exact copy available for viewers to take, as a means of continuing to extend the reach of these voices and to break the silence around the issue of juvenile justice.

View more images from the trip in the full image gallery!

TCP Proudly Announces the 2015-17 Artist-in-Studio Recipients

TCP's newest crop of resident artists Joseph Dreher, Meta Gary, Meredith Kooi, William Massey, Shanequa Gay, Margaret Hiden, John Tindel, Scott Silvey, and Rachel Garceau hanging out at the Goat Farm Arts Center. photo by:  Neda Abghari

TCP's newest crop of resident artists Joseph Dreher, Meta Gary, Meredith Kooi, William Massey, Shanequa Gay, Margaret Hiden, John Tindel, Scott Silvey, and Rachel Garceau hanging out at the Goat Farm Arts Center. photo by: Neda Abghari

(Atlanta, Georgia- 15 September, 2015)

The Creatives Project Proudly Announces the

2015-17 Artist-in-Studio Recipients

press inquiries:

The Creatives Project (TCP) is pleased to welcome its third group of "Artist-in-Studio" Residents. Each of the selected artists will serve Atlanta's community as mentors and teachers through TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP) to provide arts education and outreach for youth and adults throughout the community. Residents will complete much of their outreach service in partnership with TCP's nonprofit beneficiaries Drew Charter School, Operation PEACE, and VSA Arts of Georgia over the next two years.

Chosen from a talented pool of over 80 applicants by TCP’s Review Panelists, these finalists represent a true extension of the organization's spirit! As respected creative professionals, each artist shares a deep desire to help mold the future of Atlanta's young artistic minds. Stylistically they are quite unique as each possess a distinct aesthetic voice.

The 2015-17 Artists-in-Studio recipients are:

Rachel Garceau
Teaching is a fluent language to me—it comes as a natural rhythm. I connect through sharing and wish for this aspect of my career to be life-long. Again, being new to a city, I have not yet been able to find structured opportunity to do so, and this position as an Artist-in-Studio will start me on that path—it will give me a platform to not only continue teaching and sharing in ways I have done in the past, but also allow me to test-drive my ideas of integrating movement and making.

Meta Gary
Whether it is offering artists studio space or providing a platform for artist and community networking, programs like this are incredibly valuable to working artists, as both are essential to full career development. Likewise, TCP in particular, offers involvement back to the community to kids who may one day be part of the residency themselves.

Shanequa Gay
I am excited about being a part of The Creatives Project for many reasons, but most specifically, the opportunity to spark social change in surrounding communities through the arts and collaborating with the youth is what makes this initiative so appealing to me. I also look forward to the opportunity to create and connect with the other residents to create something from multiple perspectives, thought processes, backgrounds, and cultures.

Margaret Hiden
I’m excited about the opportunity to also share my love for education and helping others understand the power of art through the various outreach programs that engage with the Atlanta community. There’s nothing more joyful than giving others the tools and aiding in planting the seed that lies within young artists in order for them to express themselves with confidence.

William Massey
Being able to teach, collaborate, critique and problem-solve with the other creatives will be a priceless and massive boost to widening artistic scope and tenacity. Furthermore, the most important aspect to art in my opinion is sharing it with and empowering others through creativity; connecting with Drew Charter School is a tremendous aspect of this opportunity, I can’t wait to get in there, empower the children, collaborate with young minds, and see how it unfolds.

Scott Silvey
I am eager to begin making three-dimensional work again. Having a studio at The Goat Farm will allow me to finally realize a wealth of ideas I only investigated on paper during the past nine years abroad. I always endeavor to do my best and act in a professional manner and I hope to show that TCP is an organization which supports this. I'm also excited to work with the various outreach programs to promote the idea that creativity is not for artists alone but a central part of all professional fields and the act of living itself.

John Tindel
I want to create like I have never before... break my boundaries and open up new ones. I will use my studio as a place where I can share my progress, thoughts and work with others... broadcast from a beacon that creativity is forming and coming alive from myself, the goat farm and TCP. I want to be influenced by the amazing artists that TCP has enabled to come together in this way. I want to help TCP grow, educate and inspire the upcoming generations.


*While two alternates from the list above are not initially provided with studio space they will benefit from exhibition and career support opportunities. Alternates will receive space in the event that a finalist exits the residency and/or when additional studios are acquired by the organization at a later date. To date, most alternates accepted to the program have transitioned fully into the residency.


A vital force in Atlanta’s arts community, TCP strengthens and unites arts, education, community and commerce by creating an arts ecosystem that empowers eager citizens to recognize Atlanta’s potential. We accomplish this goal by engaging fresh resources, implementing crucial and deliberate arts and culture initiatives and leading arts-based education. TCP patrons donate subsidized housing and free studio space to support our artists as they serve Atlanta neighborhoods by generating vibrant and fertile communities poised for economic growth and development


Hybrid developments that assemble Art, Performance, Science, Design, Technology & Small Manufacturing entities in Built Environments that simultaneously operate as Centers for Contemporary Art & Performance. This blending of disciplines seeks to increase Atlanta's relevancy, economic opportunity and market competitiveness. Goat Farm environments look to the future to trigger new thinking, new technologies and linking innovation and invention to the City of Atlanta.

11MCOMM011_GCA Final Logo_RGB_withTM

This program is supported in part by the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. GCA also receives support from its partner agency the National Endowment for the Arts.

The Creatives Project (TCP) receives its first grant from Georgia Council for the Arts!

11MCOMM011_GCA Final Logo_RGB_withTM


ATLANTA, July 7, 2015— The Creatives Project was awarded a $20,000 grant from Georgia Department of Economic Development’s Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) today as part of its Partner and Project grant funding for fiscal year 2016. A total of eighty – one organizations throughout the state were collectively awarded just over $795 thousand in funding for operating support (Partner Grant) or arts projects (Project Grant). Eleven organizations also received support for exceptional arts education programs.
“Each year GCA staff and grant review panelists are overwhelmed by the commitment to and execution of incredible artistry exhibited by our applicants, as well as the deep impact that the programs and services delivered by these organizations have in their local communities. This grant cycle was no different,” said GCA executive director Karen Paty. “We are proud to be able to support the work of organizations around the state that exemplify the role of the arts in community development, economic development and education.”
The grant will help increase our paid staff capacity to improve our current impact and prepare for expansion to other communities in Georgia and nationally. It will also enable us to launch the long awaited 'visiting-artists-in-residence' component for our 'Creative Community Housing Project.' This is HUGE because it will enable us to bring nationally and internationally known artists to our state for local residencies. Supporting up to four reputable artists to spend significant time in Georgia to create work, teach students, and inspire local artists and community members, will be a unique and deep way to engage artists of national/international caliber.

Funds awarded by Georgia Council for the Arts include appropriations from the Georgia General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Georgia Council for the Arts uses Peer Review Panels to adjudicate applications following National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) precedent. Panelists are GCA Council members and fellow professionals who are experienced in the arts discipline or type of grant being reviewed or are citizens with a record of arts activities, experience, and knowledge. Grant recipients include theaters, dance companies, museums, cities, colleges and multi-discipline arts entities. The full list of grantees for fiscal year 2016 can be found on


About Georgia Council of Arts
Georgia Council for the Arts (GCA) is a division of the Georgia Department of Economic Development whose mission is to cultivate the growth of vibrant, thriving Georgia communities through the arts.  GCA provides grant funding, programs and services statewide that support the vital arts industry, preserve the state’s cultural heritage, increase tourism and nurture strong communities.  Funding for Georgia Council for the Arts is provided by appropriations from the Georgia General Assembly and the National Endowment for the Arts.

About the Georgia Department of Economic Development
The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) plans, manages and mobilizes state resources to attract new business investment to Georgia, drive the expansion of existing industry and small business, locate new markets for Georgia products, inspire tourists to visit Georgia and promote the state as a top destination for arts events and film, music and digital entertainment projects.

and we love YOU right back!




Thank you darling supporters from near and far for showing us so much love over the past couple of weeks!

You voted Our Executive Director, Neda Abghari, as one of eleven Neighborhood MVP's for Creative Loafing's 2015 Neighborhood Issue and then turned around made us recipient of Advanced Aesthetics PC's inaugural Advancing Atlanta Award!

Read more about all this goodness in Creative Loafing's coverage.

Thank you.

We love YOU.

You make our work possible.



Today is GA Gives Day! Support TCP's Capture Project!

Did you know today is GA gives day, the day when everyone in Georgia comes together raise money to support local charities?


YOUR Contibution will support: The CAPTURE Project.

Since 2011, TCP's residency program has served 22 artists who have given 4,992 arts service hours to help over 130 underserved youth realize their creative dreams through one-on-one professional artist mentorship. Your year-end contribution will enable us to continue our efforts and expand our reach. Thank you for your support!

After a successful launch this summer we aim to expand The CAPTURE Project which will continue to engage youth in the O4W community and equip them with necessary skills to make photographs connecting them to a rapidly disappearing culture. Gentrification has resulted in the displacement and loss of oral and cultural history. Over the next 2 years, we expect to reach approximately 400 children between the ages of 12-16 and ignite them with a heightened sense of social responsibility through the visual arts. The foundational focus of the CAPTURE Project is to use photography as a medium for underserved youth to preserve the past and guide the future of their surrounding neighborhood.

“Peggy” | O4W Resident photographed and interviewed on Auburn Ave by Joselin ; Age 12. “In the movie theaters we used to have to sit in the balcony. We had separate restaurants and our restaurant was not air conditioned. It was quite different from now Joselin it was very hard. The schools were separate but our teachers worked hard to teach us. Our books were handed down from the white schools. Sometimes the pages were torn out so we had to share. We did well with what we had because all of us scored above our grade level.”

The participants in the CAPTURE Project — student photographers, interviewees, exhibit hosts and attendees, partnering organizations, and policy makers — will make connections. By selecting exhibit hosts and partners such as Ponce City Market and The SoundTable, the CAPTURE Project aims to highlight the people whose names, faces, and stories will be impacted by the changes in O4W.

By sustaining the quality of the social community, not just a physical community, among  long-time residents and newer residents, the CAPTURE Project creates a bridge between neighbors. While languages, religious beliefs, ethnicities, and identities differ, our hope is that their communal goals are congruent and our project will further align them.

TCP Mentors, mentees, and partners at the "Capturing Community" youth exhibition


The Creatives Project will host an intimate dinner gathering in partnership with SOFIA XIV. As this amazing year comes to a close, we are honored to offer an elevated incarnation of TCP’s traditional “family potlucks” shared among the artist into a gourmet farm to table meal prepared by Italian Chef Luca Barolli of Parma, Italy.  

Following a wine reception courtesy of Hayes Valley wines and a special performance by TCP music curator Suno Deko, Chef Barolli will present a four course dinner paired with Farmer's Organic Gin craft cocktails

DATE: Friday, December 12th 

TIME: 7:00 pm | Wine Reception 

           8:00 pm | Dinner is Served

VENUE:  The Goat Farm Arts Center | 1200 Foster Street | Suite 20 | Atlanta, Georgia 30318

Your minimum $85 year-end tax-deductible gift to TCP will reserve your spot at our dinner table. Please note space is limited to 20 guests. 

"I'm feeling generous: Make me a DONOR!"

"I'm feeling EXTRA generous. Make me a PATRON!"

"I'm generous & my friends are hungry! Make me a BENEFACTOR!"

"I can't attend dinner, but I love TCP!!!"


Checks can be made payable to:

The Creatives Project

PO BOX 950331

Atlanta Ga 30377

TCP's 2014-2016 Residency recipients announced!

2014-16 Housing Residents: Spencer Murrill, Megan Mosholder, and Namwon Choi outside the Metropolitan Apartment

(Atlanta, Georgia- 25 September, 2014)

The Creatives Project Proudly Announces the
2014 CCHP Artist-in-Residency Recipients

press inquiries:
The Creatives Project (TCP) is proud to announce the recipients its second  "Artist in Residence" cycle for Atlanta's only residency opportunity to grant local artists with subsidized housing. In exchange, each of the selected artists will serve Atlanta's community as mentors and teachers through TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP) to provide arts education and outreach for youth and adults throughout the community. The residents will complete much of their outreach service in partnership with TCP's nonprofit beneficiaries: One Love Generation and VSA Arts of Georgia.
The 2014 CCHP Artist-in-Residency recipients are:

Namwon Choi: painter
Megan Mosholder: mixed-media installation artist  
 Spencer Murrill: painter/ muralist

Chosen from a talented pool of applicants by TCP’s Artistic Advisory Board, the finalists are a diverse group, stylistically and otherwise. What each of these artists has in common, however, is a desire to not only further their talents, but also help others in doing so.
I find myself most productive when I empty my creative vessel in order to fill it with new experiences and challenges. To let my creativity flow, the knowledge I have acquired through my studio practice must be shared. This process clears my mind for the next inflowing innovative ideas for my art to come. The meaning of the word, ‘teacher’ in Korean is she who learned ahead.  The TCP Outreach program is to fill in the gap between local artists and the local audience those who in need of artist as educators. -Namwon Choi
I believe that there is strength in community. Being a TCP artist ensures that I will be more closely united with the Atlanta artist community and through that network, my practice will be nurtured and have space to grow.  Residency programs are hugely important because not only do they give artists time and space to work and think but also they provide artists with a sense of community.  Residencies have not only nurtured my practice but my sense of self as an artist. The overall network I have developed as a result of my residency attendance has given me some of the strength I have needed to preserver in this very difficult state of establishing my emerging career. After living without a studio space for the past year, I cannot wait to get into my TCP studio/home and get to work!  I look forward to working with Atlanta’s youth and encouraging them to use art as a way to express themselves.- Megan Mosholder
Friday October 10th during TCP's 4th Annual Exhibition and Benefit: CONTINUUM  the community will welcome these new individuals to the TCP family as they support the organization's ongoing initiatives.
One of the primary challenges for a working artist is to acquire the time, money, and space to make their work. The TCP residency program provides very affordable housing which relieves me of a lot of these pressures. It is oftentimes difficult to know how to market oneself and what opportunities to invest time into. I consider programs like TCP to be a gesture that many emerging artists benefit from. It allows entry into a community that supports them, and gives them a chance to give back. Working independently for long stretches can be very isolating. I am excited about the opportunity to get involved with a growing community of interesting people and the larger art community in Atlanta.  Programs like this remind me that people do care about art, what I can bring to it, and that the energy I put out always comes back in the best way.- Spencer Murrill



Edward and Liv Nyankori


Pohl Real Estate has been investing in West Atlanta for the past 30 years. In 2009, Pohl Real Estate was one of 12 Atlanta developers awarded funds from the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP). Having partnered with the City of Atlanta/NSP, Pohl Real Estate has expanded into the Historic West End and the Adair Park neighborhoods.  Pohl's recent NSP homes are all renovated to EarthCraft guidelines (using "Green Grant" funding assistance from Enterprise Community Partners/Home Depot).  All NSP properties are rented within the Federal rental income guidelines provided by HUD and NSP - as a result, tenants realize amazing rental rates on energy efficient EarthCraft certified homes. READ OUR INTERVIEW WITH OUR POHL REAL ESTATE HERE


The High Museum of Art Acquires drawings by Lucha Rodriguez.

Our lovely and talented resident Lucha Rodriguez has been added to the High Museum of Art's Permanent Collection of Contemporary Drawings by Local Artists!

The three pieces below were purchased by the High for this growing collection!

We send out a big congratulations to Lucha while we are thankful to the High Museum of Art and Michael Rooks, the High's Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, for their belief and investment in local talent!

The works seen below were acquired by the High through the support of the Lambert Fund, which was established by the late art patron and gallerist Judith Alexander. Native Atlantan, Judith Alexander, was one of the city's most influential art patrons and supporter of Atlanta and Georgia artists until her death in 2004. The Fund was named in recognition of her friend, the Atlanta-based curator and advocate for Georgia artists, Marianne Lambert. The collection and corresponding exhibitions are a result of a multi-year collaboration between Lambert and the High's Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art Michael Rooks. In addition The Antinori Fund has also been creates to support this ongoing project as works are acquired for a second exhibition of the works entitled: “Sprawl: Drawing Outside the Perimeter”.

(from left to right)

Brightness Cinco, 201412"x16"
Marker on paper

Brightness Seis, 2014
Marker on paper

Brightness Tres, 2014
Marker on paper

The AJC reviews TCP Resident Jason Kofke's exhibition “Encyclopaedia: A Compendium of Modernity”

Click here to read a recent article in the Atlanta Journal Constitution highlighting Jason Kofke's most recent exhibition "Encyclopadea: a Compendium of Modernity" at Kai Lin Art!

 Atlanta artist explores angst and failures of the past

TCP resident Lucha Rodriguez featured in Creative Loafing!


Lucha talks to Creative Loafing about her exhibition The Brightness at Beep Beep Gallery. Find out how she challenges herself as an artist and curator, her love of the color pink, and how TCP has enabled her to find a sense of place in Atlanta! Click here to read the full interview! 

BIG PATTERNS: "Brightness Cuatro" by Lucha Rodriguez

A thank you from TCP: Momentum; Exit to the Future

WHAT A GREAT WEEKEND...MOMENTUM was a success... BURNAWAY gives TCP love... & RED BULL's ATL #canvascooler selects will head to SCOPE Miami this December!


This past Friday marked The Creatives Project’s annual fall fundraiser & exhibition, Momentum: Exit to the Future, honoring the 2011-2013 artists-in-residence. press inquiries:

photo by Terry Kearns

Goodson Yard of The Goat Farm was transformed into an art gallery of elaborate musical textures and installations for the 3rd annual benefit presented by The Creatives Project and The Goat Farm Arts Center. Momentum: Exit to the Future hosted hundreds of Atlantans; including long-time supporter Atlanta councilman, Kwanza Hall, Marianne Lambert, a cornerstone in Georgia’s contemporary arts scene, and San Francisco based Billy Franchey, General Partner at The Arts Fund and Term of Art who commented, "TCP has produced an exhibit that exemplifies what we mean at Term of Art by creating a community of influence. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and look forward to TCP's future and influence in the arts community."

The benefit honored the 2011-13 artists-in-residence and shared their progress and commitment to the youth and the city of Atlanta, as they journey into new stages of their careers. Momentum: Exit to the Future was a celebration and philanthropy featuring 2011-2013 artist-in-studio residents: Jerushia Graham, Justin Rabideau, Ashley L. Schick, Marcy Starz and Nikki Starz as well as exhibiting artist: 2012-14 housing residents: Gyun Hur, Andre Keichian, Masud “MAO” Olufani, Charlie Watts. This year’s exhibition not only marked the culmination of the 2011-13 artists-in-residence, but welcomed the 2013-15 Artist-in-Studio residents: Fatimah Abdullah, Jason Kofke, Molly Rose Freeman, Lucha Rodriguez, Matthew Terrell, Angus Galloway, and Nick Madden. “MOMENTUM: Exit to the Future was about honoring our exiting artists-in-residence as well as welcoming our new group.” said Neda Abghari, Executive Director of The Creatives Project. “Tonight was about creating an environment for intimate storytelling and allowing each TCP artist to share their unique version of that dialogue.”

Justin Rabideau was awarded “Best of Show” for his installation by Michael Rooks of the High Museum, who stated, “Congratulations to each of the exhibitors in TCP's 2013 exhibition. Their explorations of self-hood, which touch upon both personal and collective responsibilities, expand the understanding of community and the potential of individual agency within it. Justin Rabideau's installation The Distance of the Moon operates in the space of the imaginary where the formation of the world or the universe is in equal parts poetic meditation and irrepressible curiosity. His installation suggests the desire to overcome human limitations and frailties, unapologetically and beautifully entering into the realm of emotion.” Justin Rabideau, gained his MFA in sculpture at the University of Georgia and was a 2011-13 TCP artist and studio resident. His work is known to incorporate metamorphosis and ritual through sculptures and drawings of elements and ideas rooted in exploring the natural realm.

TCP's newly named musical curator David Courtright AKA Suno Deko; an experimental pop one-man band created layers of sound courtesy of a musical installation in collaboration with Amy Godwin’s dreamlike breed of ukulele based folk completed the exhibition. Guests were invited to enter this whimsical fabric sculpture to share intimate interactions with the musicians during the ongoing performance as other's experienced the piece from the main exhibition hall. The beautiful light sculpture emitted melodic textured sounds as guests also enjoyed complimentary Ole Smoky Moonshine cocktails and small bites courtesy of Earth Biscuit Foods.

NOTE: A full gallery of hi-res still images available upon request for editorial use for all media channels including television, film, print, mobile and digital. Please contact for files.


Best of Show Recipient Justin Rabideau & Kwanza Hall ; Atlanta City Council District 2 (photo: Brianna Roth)

Sending a very warm thanks to those that made MOMENTUM possible: our housing patrons: Edward Nyankori & Liv Nyankori, & Scott Pohl, our guest juror: Michael Rooks, our sponsors: Colorchrome Atllanta, Trinity Productions, Ole Smoky Moonshine & Earth Biscuit Foods, our hosts: Dr. Niall & Sian Galloway, David Goodrowe; Goodrowe Hobby , Bethann Grella & Sander van Erk, Kwanza Hall; Atlanta City Council District 2, Anthony Harper; Hallister Development,Peter Leafman; Digital Arts Studio , Mark Karleson; Mason Murer Fine Art, Molly Mackenzie; Jamestown Properties, Dan McGraw & Jennifer Zember McGraw; Hope Industrial Systems, Chris Melhouse; Hallister Development, Laura Moody; Midtown Alliance, Derek Murphy & Wanda Dunaway, Mark Peterson; Paraline, Adrianne Proeller; CVMNA, Laurel Rummel; Good Clean Design, John E. Seay, Esq.; The Seay Firm LLC, Jay Wiggins & Martha Wilber & our Goat Farm Family Mark Field DiNatale, Justin Newton, Tian Justman, David Sturgis, Deisha Oliver-Millar, Danny Davis and the press: Atlanta Magazine, BurnAway, Scoutmob & last but not least Our TCP Family of board members, advisors, volunteers, artists & musicians.

SEND US YOUR PHOTOS for inclusion in the MOMENTUM image gallery
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TCP executive director; Neda Abghari, judges Red Bull Curates Canvas Cooler Project to send two ATL artists to SCOPE Art Show Miami this December.

Atlanta Business Cronicle's Red Bull Curates Atlanta event and winners (SLIDESHOW) by: Jacques Couret

BURNAWAY's "Preview and Interview: David Courtright on The Creatives Project’s Fund-raiser at the Goat Farm Arts Center" by Sherri Caudell REGISTER for BURNAWAY's Artist Statement Workshop now!

ArtsATL's "30 under 30: Molly Rose Freeman's wall paintings evolve like works of nature" by Faith McClure.



TCP + CORE REACTION = Connected Awesomeness



TCP is so excited to help kickstart the very first year of The Southern Fried Supernova!

Our 2013-15 Artist-in-Studio Residents have been selected to represent the Arts for Atlanta’s innovation community. Core Reaction's inaugural group will help to create "connected awesomeness" in Atlanta through a five-month community collaboration! We can't wait to see what they come up with!

Check out installations created by Lucha Rodriguez & Molly Rose Freeman that will be incorporated into the inspiration space!




(Atlanta, Georgia- 26 September, 2013)

The Creatives Project Proudly Announces
the 2013-15 Artist-in-Studio Recipients

press inquiries:

Lucha Rodriguez, Nick Madden, Fatimah Abdullah, Matthew Terrell, Angus Galloway, and Molly Rose Freeman at The Goat Farm Arts Center.

  The Creatives Project (TCP) is pleased to welcome its second group of "Artist-in-Studio" Residents. Each of the selected artists will serve Atlanta's community as mentors and teachers through TCP’s Community Arts Program (CAP) to provide arts education and outreach for youth and adults throughout the community. In exchange for two years of free studio space, the artists will complete much of their outreach service in partnership with TCP's nonprofit beneficiaries.

The 2013-15 CCHP Artists-in-Studio recipients are:

Fatimah Abdullah: animator
Molly Rose Freeman: painter & muralist
Jason Kofke: printmaker & mixed media artist
Lucha Rodriguez: mixed media artist
Matthew Terrell: photographer
*Angus Galloway: painter
*Nick Madden: mixed media artist


Chosen from a talented pool of over 40 applicants by TCP’s Portfolio Review Panel, the finalists represent a diverse and dedicated group, stylistically and otherwise. What each of these artists has in common, however, is a desire to not only further their talents, but also help others in doing so.

Two years is big commitment for TCP and its artists, but it there is comfort in longer residencies, and quality. For me, folding in new ideas and hammering out obstacles takes time. When a program is willing to commit to an artist by offering two years of studio space or housing in exchange for outreach, it empowers the artist to take a leadership role in their community." -Fatimah Abdullah

"The combination of openness and tactical support is critical to the creative process--not just in the arts community but in every community. There is something really inspiring about a program that knows how fruitful it can be to kick up dust to see where it lands.
I think that's where we find real discovery and understanding." -Molly Rose Freeman

TCP has a beautiful way of gathering artists from various backgrounds and providing them with a platform to easily enrich themselves and others within the local art scene. It presents new reasons and opportunities for creatives to stay in Atlanta." -Lucha Rodriguez

The Creatives Project is also very excited to announce David Courtright as TCP's Musical Curator. David is an Atlanta musician and poet, currently performing solo under the name Suno Deko. Prone to collaboration with artists from all walks of life, David has, for the third year in a row, been a part of TCP's annual exhibition, contributing music in collaboration with other musicians.

"TCP strives to create experimental environments in which musicians can musically expand while being exposed to new audiences. Over the past couple of years TCP has built quite a rapport with David through his involvement in our musical programming. We are excited to bring him on board as we continue to deepen our relationship with Atlanta's music community. We truly admire and believe in David's talent and vision and look forward to producing musical showcases under his direction."- Neda Abghari, TCP Executive Director

"I think what the Creatives Project has created for this city is really remarkable, and I have always jumped at the chance to be involved. They provide artists of all persuasions opportunities to explore possibilities outside of their comfort zones, and experiment and collaborate in a no-pressure environment. I am thrilled to be a part of the TCP family and look forward to helping expand our reach into Atlanta's music scene "- David Courtright 

Friday October 18th during TCP's Annual Exhibition and Benefit: MOMENTUM the community will welcome these new individuals to the TCP family as they support the organization's ongoing initiatives.

"Programs like these are absolutely necessary should Atlanta hope to grow its place in the international art and culture scene equal to that of its international commerce and business relations. To know that creative people in Atlanta have programs like TCP's, signals to all other industries that we are part of a healthy system." Jason Kofke



This year we are honored to include Michael Rooks, Wieland Family Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art for The High Museum, as juror for “Best-in-Show”. Showcased will be works by TCP’s Artist-in-Studio Residents: Jerushia Graham, Justin Rabideau, Ashley L. Schick, Marcy Starz, and Nikki Starz, along with TCP Housing Residents: Gyun Hur, Andre Keichian, Masud “MAO” Olufani, and Charlie Watts as we welcome the 2013-2015 Artist-in-Studio residents! The celebratory event will also feature musical textures and installation curated by Suno Deko in collaboration with Amy Godwin. learn more & RSVP


This year we were privlideged to have the following individuals participate in our Artist-in-Studio Portfolio Review Panel. Thanks to their commitment to our process and mission this beautifully diverse group of artists were selected for our residency.

THANK YOU from the bottoms of our full TCP hearts: Laura Bell, Saskia Benjamin, Jerushia Graham, Matt Haffner, Jill Hall, Debra Hampton, Gene Kansas, Anne Lambert-Tracht, Elizabeth Labbe-Webb, Pam Longobardi, Sheila Pree-Bright, Molly Mackenzie, Laura Moody, Angela Moland-Wiggins, Rachel Reese, Stuart Shapiro, Cator Sparks, Preston Snyder, & Kelly Teasley!


TCP Studios and exhibition spaces are located at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Stodja House is the Goat Farm's support platform for artists-in-residence (both visual & performance). The platform provides free long-term studio & rehearsal space directly to artists as well as selected entities such as TCP that have created their own arts based mentorship/residency programs.

TCP recieves Emory's 2013 Creativity & Arts Community Impact Award

We are over the moon! TCP has been nominated and selected to receive Emory University's 2013 Creativity & Arts Community Impact Award! We thank all of our donors, sponsors, and volunteers for making our work possible and Emory University for aknowledging our efforts!
Charlie Watts, Neda Abghari, Jerushia Graham, and Ashley L. Schick accept Emory University's 2013 Creativity & Arts Community Impact Award on behalf of TCP.
Read an excerpt from Emory's Official press release below:
August 29, 2013

Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts announces the recipients of the 2013 Creativity & Arts Awards, recognizing Atlanta and Emory community members who have made significant artistic and administrative contributions to the arts.

Among the winners are Cathy Fox, founder and editor of; Neda Abghari, executive director of The Creatives Project; Marium Khalid of Saïah; gallery owner Yu-Kai Lin; and Professor Matthew Bernstein of Film and Media Studies.

The awards will be presented at the 6th Annual Creativity & Arts Soiree, September 6, from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. in Emory’s Schwartz Center for Performing Arts. The soiree celebrates the beginning of the Arts at Emory season with performances and activities; it is free and open to the Atlanta community. 

Read more about this year’s award winners: 

Community Impact Arts Administrator: Cathy Fox

Cathy Fox is executive director and editor of ArtsATL and its chief art critic. ArtsATL was founded in 2009 and serves as the only news source for comprehensive coverage of the arts in Atlanta. Fox was art and architecture critic at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for 27 years, during which time she was Cox Writer of the Year, twice winner of Cox awards in criticism, and received Green Eyeshade Awards and an award from the American Association of Sunday and Feature Editors. She holds a master’s degree in art history from the University of Michigan. She was assistant curator of the Arts Festival of Atlanta's 1981 Site Works Program, has written for ARTnews and other publications, and is a co-author of Noplaceness: Art in a Post-Urban Context, the first volume of Atlanta Art Nowdevoted to critical discussion of Atlanta's visual artists. She and her publication have significantly impacted countless arts organizations, artists, and the community as a whole.

Community Impact Artist: Marium Khalid

Marium Khalid, is a founding member of Saiah, an Atlanta-based performing arts group located at The Goat Farm. From Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, the United Arab Emirates to the United States, her family's relocation for business throughout her childhood shaped her. These experiences led her to major in drama at Kennesaw State University, and Khalid runs Saiah with her husband and KSU drama alumni Phillip Justman. She performed in "City of Lions and Gods" (2011), based on the experiences of her great-grandmother during the struggle for Pakistani independence, and she directed "Moby Dick" (2012). She received Arts Atlanta's 2011 Critics' Choice Award for best theatrical performance, and she was praised by the Prague Fringe Festival reviewers for her performance and 'sensitive and nuanced direction.'  Her 2012 production was mounted in a huge, decrepit warehouse, but was noted for being visually enthralling in its use of space.

Community Impact Organization: The Creatives Project

The Creatives Project offer arts education opportunities to under-served youth, as well as opportunities for long term housing, studio and art space residencies for artists. These artists in turn provide mentorship to young, under-privileged teens and teach them their crafts. Artists awarded with work space or housing must dedicate a portion of their time to structured youth-arts outreach, developed and overseen by Neda Abghari, executive director. These programs often target low-income communities or special-needs youth. With programs like the Capture Project, The City-Wide Art Supply Drive, photo-journalism projects with Jacob's Ladder Learning Center, and the Do Good Beautification Project in south Atlanta's Capitol View neighborhood, the organization has impacted over one-hundred students throughout metropolitan Atlanta.

Alumni: Yu-Kai Lin

A 2001 Emory graduate with a degree in music, Yu-Kai Lin is owner and director of Kai Lin Art. For more than a decade, he has worked with curators, architects and designers to collect art. Named 'Top 50 Most Creative Atlantans' and voted 'Best of Atlanta' by Jezebel Magazine, he is active in the Atlanta art community, and giving back to his alma mater as president of the newly formed affinity group Emory Alumni Creative (EAC). Kai Lin Art hosted the group’s first social event. He has served as a speaker for Emory’s industry night for undergraduates, and he also enjoys teaching piano.


The Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts (CCA) advances the creation, scholarship and enjoyment of the arts. The CCA aims to make encounters with art and creativity cornerstones of the Emory experience by encouraging artistic collaboration, experimentation, and participation.



2013 Summer Art Supply Drive Starts today!

it's that time again...

The 3rd Annual ATL Citywide Art Supply Drive

is JULY 1st- September 30th!


Just a few of the supplies collected from Binders Art Supply,
last year's most successful drop off location!

Donate new and gently used art supplies at participating galleries & businesses this summer to help us expand our impact to include other invaluable programs that struggle with resources and to benefit 2013-14 outreach initiatives through TCP's Community Arts Program.

last year's donations knocked our socks off!


Over twenty galleries, businesses, and hundreds of donors helped raise thousands of dollars worth of art supplies for Atlanta's youth! Supplies were donated to young ATL artists! Pictured above are some of the  supplies you donated... Kashi's KidsArt volunteers took art projects to two local children’s hospitals and portfolio care packages were presented to One Love Generation.. supplies and were also used in our arts programming throughout Atlanta

The supplies above will be used in launching One Love Generation's new youth studio in Liberia! With your help we will raise more supplies for local atlanta youth AND send more supplies over to Liberia by the end of the summer! READ MORE HERE

let's do it again!

Visit the following locations ALL SUMMER to see GREAT ART
and DROP OFF new and used ART SUPPLIES







graphite pencils, charcoal, pastels, india ink, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, carbon paper, tracing paper, blank sketchbooks, markers/sharpies, and all types of drawing paper: newsprint, bristol, etc.


paints: acrylic and watercolor (tubes & pans), various sized brushes, all types of canvas: boards, stretched, unstretched, watercolor paper, paper tape, palettes, sponges, & mural supplies: paint rollers & trays, drop cloths, & large brushes


waterbased inks, plexiglass, spray bottles, linoleum blocks, linoleum cutters, x-acto knives and blades, brayers, wooden spoons, silkscreens, photo emulsion, and squeegees


digital cameras: DSLR & point and shoots, camera bags & cases


construction paper, glue (sticks, rubber cement, elmer's, etc...), scissors, rulers, matt board, matt cutter and blades, tape (scotch, masking, painters), drawing boards, horses & easels.

SPECIAL REQUEST MATERIALS for TCP's outreach beneficiary: One Love Generation

35 sets of standard acrylic brushes
35 sets of drawing pencils (4H, 2H, HB, B, 2B, etc.)
35 erasers
35 blending stumps
35 pencil sharpeners
35 sketchbooks
10 drawing boards
Acrylic paint (ROYGBV Black White)
Canvases of all sizes
All types of papers (bristol, marker, sketch, mixed)
Sharpies (all colors, all widths)
Paint markers (all colors, all sizes)
Spray paint (all colors)
Adhesives (elmers, hot glue, rubber cement, 3m spray)
Sculpting wire
Exacto knives

*please label your One Love donation "for OLG" and we will make sure it arrives to them safely!


please email us



The HeART house residency hits a bump(blaze) in the road.

TCP is buying a house! YES that's right! With financing support from a local patron we placed the property at 1474 Metropolitan Pkwy under contract for purchase as of late September 2012. We secured partnerships with local businesses and organizations to help with material and labor costs. As we waited patiently for the bank to complete repairs in preparation, we had no reason to believe the property would not close over the next week(s).


This morning Friday, Feb. 8th, at around 5:30AM the house caught fire. We are not sure what the cause of the fire was but the entire house was taken. 


Future site of TCP's HeArt House goes up in flames prior to closing. Image courtesy of John Spink,

Thanking you for a great year!

part of TCP family at our annual benefit and exhibition

As 2012 comes to a close, all of us at The Creatives Project - our residents, our board, and our outreach recipients - would like to say thank you for your incredible support this year. You have made a tremendous impact through your contributions of time, space, dollars, and ideas! You have enable us to reach more youth through the arts, engage more communities through collaboration, support more artists' careers, and strengthen the foundation of our young organization! We are so thankful for you.

We send you wishes for health, prosperity, and happiness in the New Year as we look forward to sharing it with you!

Please consider supporting the launch our latest outreach program with an year-end gift before Monday Dec. 31st!