The HeART house residency hits a bump(blaze) in the road.

TCP is buying a house! YES that's right! With financing support from a local patron we placed the property at 1474 Metropolitan Pkwy under contract for purchase as of late September 2012. We secured partnerships with local businesses and organizations to help with material and labor costs. As we waited patiently for the bank to complete repairs in preparation, we had no reason to believe the property would not close over the next week(s).


This morning Friday, Feb. 8th, at around 5:30AM the house caught fire. We are not sure what the cause of the fire was but the entire house was taken. 


Future site of TCP's HeArt House goes up in flames prior to closing. Image courtesy of John Spink,

$10,581.00 marks your big generosity... TCP's KICKSTARTER goal surpassed

We were all smiles yesterday when we met our kickstarter goal!


TCP has always set it's goals high. We believe in the goodness of our peers and our community. Where there is love, heart, and dedication any goal can be achieved. However, support is integral in creating a strong foundation where these goals and missions are successfully transformed into reality.

Your level of support and encouragement over the past couple of months have been an inspiration. During these tough financial times the contributions that each of you have made are ever so special. Thank you so much for giving so that we can continue to give.

We look forward to making you guys smile through the work that we do this coming year. We have so much in store... We want you to be around to watch us grow. We want to include you in all the action. We want to meet each and every one of you and thank you personally for playing your part in our story.

Our art hearts are so full with gratitude for you.

Much Love,

The Creatives Project Team