Rene Arriagada

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Rene Arriagada (AKA Transmit Device, Ne Ne Bling Bling), was raised in Atlanta, GA. As a teenager he developed his artistic style from his love for building things and defacing public property. He first gained recognition as a street artist and has branched into gallery settings. Utilizing methods he developed for painstaking pre planning and fast execution in stencil works, his mediums now vary in mirror etchings, wood stains and cutouts. Old fashioned methods are preferred to create modern iconography; finding inspiration in punk rock, Star Wars, "Foxy boxing," dive bars, etc. Arriagada has been active in the Atlanta underground art community for years, putting together art shows and events. Although easy to work with, he will occasionally threaten to cut you ("cheek to cheek.")

special thanks to:
thunderbox studios for providing studio space,
special projects for supplying all props,
rag-o-rama for supplying clothing,
ransom the makeup artist for providing us with her time