Today is Giving Tuesday and our Power2Give campaign launches tomorrow!

Today is Giving Tuesday!

There’s a new “day” in this post-Thanksgiving period: Giving Tuesday.

Over 1,000 charities, community organizations and businesses in the U.S. have banded together to promote this Tuesday as a day to give back, and to encourage people to give more, give smarter and celebrate the spirit of giving.

Help TCP give back!

This Spring, with your help, in partnership with VSA Arts of Georgia we will launch The Capture Project: a visual media outreach program created to stimulate youth empowerment and community enrichment.

We want to expand our reach into specific, highly under served neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta by offering the Capture Project to schools, community centers and neighborhoods with very high concentrations of children living in low income situations who may also have disabilities or other developmental delays. We want to build new perspectives in communities that may struggle with outdated archetypes. We want to teach youth, who have embraced technology, to use it to affect change in their own neighborhoods, on their own terms.(read more)

TCP & VSA's Power2Give campaign Launches tomorrow!

Please consider supporting The Capture Project  in the spirit of Giving Tuesday!