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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  NOVEMBER 2, 2011 (Atlanta, Georgia):

In a night deemed mysterious, ethereal, and hauntingly beautiful, The Creatives Project (TCP) welcomed more than 300 guests to THE SECOND COMING Art Exhibition and Benefit Friday, October 14th. Held at The Goat Farm Arts Center in West Midtown, the celebratory evening included a captivating video presentation, abstract art installations, a sculpture garden, and free-floating gallery walls of paintings and photography. Works by critically acclaimed artists TINDELMICHI, Corrina Sephora Mensoff, Amandine Drouet, Shana Robbins and Neda Abghari were featured in the main gallery, while a side gallery showcased artwork from TCP’s newly announced resident "Artists in Studio": Justin Rabideau, Brandon Sadler, Ashley Schick, Marcy Starz, Nikki Starz, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Margaret Hiden, Jerushia Graham, and the work of the youth they mentor through TCP’s nonprofit beneficiary One Love Generation.

Keeping with the spirit of collaboration, the evening also featured musical performances by members of Jack of Hearts, BOSCO, and special guest violinist Lindsay Fisher, with cocktails courtesy of Grey Goose Vodka and light bites from Westside Pie and Ormsby’s. Guests were treated to a Dewar’s Scotch tasting while they browsed the exhibition. The magical mood was set courtesy of designers Branden M. Collins and The Big Up. The diverse crowd included artists and musicians, entrepreneurs, business and gallery owners, and community leaders such as Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall. "The future of Atlanta lies in the hands of our creatives and in innovative groups like The Creatives Project. They deserve all the support we can give," said Hall.

TCP founder and Executive Director Neda Abghari remarked on the evening’s success: “It was truly touching to share this special night with Atlanta. So many individuals came together to bring this vision to life and we are so grateful to every one of them. We strived to create an intimate evening, inviting each of our guests to join the TCP family, and we feel so rewarded with the results. Thank you all.”

The Creatives Project would like to extend a special thank you to the Host Committee and Advisory Board, the volunteers, the staff at The Goat Farm Arts Center, all of the artists who performed and participated, the set designers, the media supporters, and all of the TCP sponsors – Grey Goose Vodka, FUZE Beverage, BINDERS, Colorchrome, Trinity Productions and Teka Photography. For 2012, The Creatives Project looks forward to a lively year, supporting the community even further through the expansion of its studio and housing initiatives, arts education, and exhibition programs.

To learn more about The Creatives Project or to set up an appointment to view the exhibition, please contact us!

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view the complete event album by Teka Photography and Erin Ashford here or here


Red Adley
Kevin Archer
Amy Armour
Allie Bashuk
Leslie Battle
Robin Bernat
Brittany Bosco
Kristi Brantley
Kevin Cole
Branden Collins
David Courtright
Danny Davis
Scott Deloach
Mark Dinatale
Stephen Donehoo
Greg Evans
Kevin Farmer
Felicia Feaster
Omar Ferer
Lindsay Fisher
Ben Goldman
Gerlinda Grimes
Kwanza Hall
Anthony Harper
Dean Hill
Michael Hipple
Peter Leafman
Jennifer Lester
Catherine Maddox
Arin Mason
Alex Martinez
Chris Melhouse
Linda Melrose
Angela Moland
Laura Moody
Sean McHugh
Justin Newton
John O'Neill
Tabia Parker
John Rhodes
Keif Schleifer
Stuart Shapiro
Dana Hazels Seith
Karen Smiley
Preston Snyder
Kelly Teasley
Jay Tribby
Theo Tyson
Wyatt Williams
"Flowing as Water"

Opening Reception for new works by
Corrina Sephora Mensoff

November 5, 6PM- 10PM at THE GOAT FARM

Sculptural installation, paintings and performance by Corrina Sephora, animation from Matt Gilbert, and sound & music from Ana Balka come together in this collaborative culmination of color, movement and change.

more on this and the artist's upcoming events here

"TCP at BINDER's Artfolio Weekend"

November 5th & 6th, 9AM-6PM at

Binders has invited us to set up shop at their ART MATERIALS EXPO.
TCP will be spreading the word about who we are and what we do!
Drop by and say hi while checking out new products for your creative arsenal.

more details here

The Creatives Project (TCP)’s mission is to enrich and strengthen the local community through quality arts-based education and outreach, while celebrating and elevating the city’s visual and performing artists.

“The Creatives Project began in 2007 as a photo documentary on Southern artists, specifically those living in Atlanta, by native Neda Abghari... Four years later, TCP’s mission of enriching and strengthening the local arts community through education and outreach has grown. From fostering mentor relationships for the younger generation of artists, to providing studio space and artist-in-residency programs, TCP is an integral part of the Atlanta arts scene.” - Dana Hazels Seith for



Announcing the 2011 "Artist in Studio" Residents



Six Atlanta artists have been selected to recieve free long-term studio spaces and exhibition opportunities for a minimum of one year. In exchange, each of the selected artists will complete mentorship with a youth artist of One Love Generation (OLG) for three hours one night per week. The studios and exhibition spaces are located at The Goat Farm Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia; where the mentorship will also take place.

It was not an easy task, but after reviewing some amazing applications our artistic advisory board was able to select a strong group of artists whose talents and backgrounds are quite impressive. Although the artists each have their own very specific styles and media there is one thing they undoubtedly share in common; they will all leave a huge impact on our community with their passion and commitment to the arts and our city's youth!

A warm congratulations to our new TCP Family members: Justin Rabideau, Brandon Sadler, Ashley Schick, Marcy Starz , Nikki Starz, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Margaret Hiden, Jerusiah Graham. We are also very excited to have Keif Schleifer as a community liaison through TCP's Community Arts Program. Join us in welcoming these great talents at our OCT 14th event!

Thank you to everyone who sent in a submission. Please stay tuned for more residency opportunites as we look forward to building our programs and the TCP team.

A special thanks goes out to our Artistic Advisory Board who gave much of their time and effort to review the submissions. 

2011 Artist in Studio Residents: Justin, Brandon, Hannah, Jerushia, Margaret, Marcy, Ashley, & Nikki

the residents:

Justin Rabideau

"As a new transplant to the Atlanta area I am so excited to have the opportunity to be involved with the CCHP Artist in Studio residency.  Not only will this program afford me the opportunity to focus on my creative practices, I will also be giving back to the community through the One Love Generation mentorship program. I look forward to engaging with the young artists of OLG in the culturally rich, diverse, and vibrantly artistic world that thrives here. Art and community outreach, a perfect match"

Metamorphosis and ritual inform my work. Assembling my sculptures and drawings from elements and ideas rooted in exploring the natural realm, I describe my relationship to the land as it relates to the specificity of place. Utilizing the rich cultural and natural elements of the Southern landscape, I attempt to form a poetic dialog between the often overlooked, the hidden, and quiet moments of life. From my use of Georgia red clay to hand foraged pecans preserved in blown glass, I guide the audience into discovering the wonder of the unseen world that surrounds us.

I find inspiration from objects and environments that create a notion of beauty, awe, or wonder. I seek to examine these experiences through the use of materials and artifacts that are unique to these moments and settings. It is my desire that these sculptural objects and drawings encourage questions related to the specificity of one's surroundings, and how these environments and objects affect both mind and body.


Brandon Sadler

"I’m grateful to have been awarded this opportunity. I look forward to making connections, creating with new people, and inspiring growth. I hope to inspire young minds to be active participants in their future, by releasing the past and involving themselves in activities that will benefit their present and future goals. The space to work and experience will take my work to a new phase. It’s exciting."

Graffiti has always been a passion of mine because of its accessibility to the public and its ability to speak to individuals from all walks of life. My desire to communicate with the community, along with my love for the art form has led to my current exploration of Eastern-inspired calligraphy and imagery originating with Ukiyo-e prints and other Asian sources. As a result of much study, I have developed a hybrid visual language that unites East and West. By employing the elegance of Japanese design, symbols and ciphers, I hope to promote personal change, social evolution, and enlightenment.

Often, the resulting imagery addresses a universal human condition; such as the experiences of inner-city youth. Environmental themes relating to urban issues include manʼs battle with himself, society, and nature. I would like my work to engage and inspire people through my ideas and connectivity to cultural concerns. This will be accomplished by communicating through multiple channels such as; exhibitions, public art, merchandise, and projects that address social justice concerns with youth and nonprofit organizations.


Ashley Schick

"I am looking forward to joining this new group of artists/friends in TCP's Creative Community Housing Project. This opportunity will allow me to develop one of my long-term goals of becoming a better art teacher, facilitating creativity and communication. I am excited to have this time and studio space to make work on a larger scale."

The processes I use mark an intersection between technical distance and hands-on proximity, between experience and retelling. Of bookmaking, printmaking, and embroidery, each medium requires a heavily involved process. Each process mediates my marks, translating and reinterpreting my imagery. Thematically, my work is engaged with the telling of stories: how the retelling of anecdotes creates our personal and social identity. Like friends or family members co-telling a story, the materials and I tell the story together in order to create the final image.

I strive for a body of work that is both full of personal symbolism and accessible by the broader public. The stories in my work derive from many oft-told tales in my own family, but they have a resonance with universal American (U.S.) rites of passage in young adulthood. Here we are sorting out our identities, making choices that inherently affect the rest of our lives, and seeing how the telling of a story can shape these accidental moments into the narrative of our lives.

The pieces are retellings that shift with age and change with distance. The prints and books, through their inherent processes or structures, trace a certain passage of time. They allow me to document my place and time. I can thereby locate myself among interconnections of people, objects, ideas, and disciplines.


Marcy Starz

"I'm thrilled to be a part of the CCHP Artist in Studio residency and working with artists who work in such a wide variety of mediums. Part of our responsibility both as artists and members of society is to cultivate an
understanding and appreciation for the arts if we want to see them thrive.
It feels great to know that I'll be able to give back to the community by sharing my experience and supporting a youth artist through the alliance between The Creatives Project and One Love Generation. I think this is going to be a very exciting year to see how all of the artists evolve through this program."

Origins are very intriguing to me, specifically the origins of traditions, stereotypes and characteristics. As a society that's so far removed from our origins, we often forget about them when they're just a scratch under the surface of our personalities. My work is an observation of human character and the role gender plays in our perception and expectations of one another. I enjoy juxtaposing highly rendered figures against flat, repetitious surface and the negative space that they subsequently create. In the series of works created on thrift store bed sheets further juxtaposition is created by the slightly feral characteristic of the subject and the pleasant pattern of the fabrics. Animals carry a lot of symbolism and meaning for most people, representing any characteristic from wisdom to violence to fertility and the meanings associated with one animal can vary cross-culturally or stay quite similar. Living in a fast-paced and techno-centric society I'm drawn to timeless imagery that has narrative potential and bridges across generational gaps. My objective is to make engaging artwork that the viewer can relate to, striking them on an instinctual level. This fact leaves the works fairly open to interpretation and I enjoy the variety of responses the pieces receive.


Nikki Starz

"I'm really excited to be a part of the Creative's Project. Being an artist who strives to create social commentary I have always wanted my work to do more than simply be an object. This residency will give me the opportunity to share my creativity. The students in the program are all very talented and I look forward to showing them new ways of making art that will offer them a different perspective. I can't wait to see what they create!"

Art is ambiguous and undefinable. Everything has the potential to be art. The definition of art has been manipulated through a series of historical progressions with ever-changing parameters. There have been impressionists, expressionists, suprematists, constructionists, abstract expressionists, surrealists, pop artists, Dadaists, and so on. Malevich’s white square on a white background defined art as pure, universal human emotion. Duchamp’s Fountain defined art by questioning the nature of art and its institutions while altering what is expected of art objects. I am fascinated by an evolving definition of art and the vastness of its meanings. Through the use of art historical references, as dark, comedic, and satirical devices, I bring the viewer to art’s past in order to make them wonder about where art is today. Using historical references as a foundation, my work also introduces contemporary elements to question and poke fun at the society I live in.


Hannah Perner-Wilson

"I feel so lucky to have received the CCHP Artist in Studio residency. Having just moved to Atlanta, I'm really looking forward to continuing my practice in such a great space with so many nice people! I am particularly excited beacuse the program offers such a great venue for teaching and interacting with the local community."

Technology has become increasingly complex and ubiquitous in our lives and while consumer electronics may be well designed and functional they are both aesthetically and functionally impersonal.

Through my work I consider a scenario in which building electronics has become intuitive and accessible, and personal electronics are goods that we make for ourselves. We not only determine how these devices look, we also decide what they can do and how they do it. As we begin building our own electronics in a variety of ways we start to live in a world of electronic diversity. In such a world the kinds of electronics we surround ourselves with are unique and expressive of our individual needs and desires. The practice of building electronics is no longer exclusively industrial and uniform.

My work not only speculates within this future scenario, but takes steps towards achieving such a diversity in which personal technologies exist. I create working prototypes to demonstrate by example the kinds of electronic artifacts we might build. I research and develop new ways of building electronics, and a significant part of my work goes into documenting and disseminating these techniques so that they can be applied by others. I feel strongly about portraying electronics as a creative medium that is accessible and appeals to a diverse audience, so that as the technologies that surround us become ever more complex, we become ever more accustomed to building what we want.


the supporting artists:

Two alternate canidates have also been selected for participation. Although these artists will not recieve studio space, they will benefit from the exhibition and promotional services and opportunities provided by TCP. In turn they provide additional support to our programming. 

Margaret Hiden

"Atlanta's art community has so much potential and there is such a presence of creative energy-with organizations like the Creatives Project playing a key role! I am so grateful to be a part of this new gathering of unique, diverse and talented artists as well as have the opportunity to give back to the community by working with the youth from One Love Generation. I'm excited to see how the next year unfolds!"

As an artist, I am inherently an educator, and therefore feel it is my role to bring my passion for the arts into a community setting where I can share my knowledge, experience and craft with those who are also eager to learn, create and communicate. With its vernacular appeal and illusionistic base in reality, the photographic image has the ability to reach an eager audience of all walks of life. Creating mixed media art that is based in the medium of photography lies at the core of my studio practice. Most specifically, my work and research explore the desire behind and nature and function of the discipline throughout history and contemporary practice. Having an appreciation for experimentation and diversity, a broad spectrum of photographic processes, working and learning methods, styles and study of historical precedence are incorporated into my work. Processes utilized in my creative pursuits include traditional black and white darkroom, alternative processes, analogue and digital capture, scanning, advanced digital manipulation, workflow management, multi and mixed media, as well as narrative story telling through the photographic essay.

Currently, my personal work focuses on memory and its relationship to photography. Specifically, this incorporates issues of memory-loss affliction, the history of the snapshot relating to the desire behind using photograph as document, curating from familial archives, appropriation and the importance of context.

Jerushia Graham

"The act of creating is great for the mind, body, & soul. It's a wonderful thing to have a place that nurtures that in a diverse array of artists, AND gives back to the community.This is one of those rare win/win situations in which artists get much needed studio space to work, creative youth get professional mentors, and the community at large receives art that's engaging and inspirational. Everyone involved is so talented, they can't help but magnify one another."

I work in many different media but the most important aspect of my art is human interaction. Rather than outlining a full narrative my works are fragmented, implied narratives which invite the viewer to become my
collaborator. Viewers are encouraged to provide their own impression of the moments before or after the images that I present. The images I create reflect on the ways in which we communicate with one another (i.e. body language, misunderstandings, unspoken understandings) and how we nourish our souls (i.e. quiet meditation, laughter, friendship, craft, recreation). I am always striving to create work that feels simple and honest, hence my use of limited palettes and chosen media: papercuts, woodblocks, quilting, sewing & knitting. These are materials and techniques that are accessible, can be utilitarian as well as artistic, are very tactile, and whose repetitive quality is soothing. I would like to expand my sense of story into a full environmental experience. In previous installations, art objects served as substitutes for the human presence in my implied narratives.




This position was created for an indiviual possessing exemplary leadership skills and an unwaivering commitment to the arts community through personal outreach efforts in Atlanta. The CAP Community Liaison leads group instruction and activities on Tuesday nights with One Love Generation Youth and also acts as a Resident Advisor to our "Artist in Studio" participants providing them with guidance and peer support throughout the course of the program.

KEIF schleifer

"Creative minds, talented hands, and compassionate hearts--that’s what it looks like behind the scenes of The Creatives Project. Everyone connected with TCP cares profoundly about giving something of themselves to enrich others. This is a value I hold high and these are the kind of people I strive to work beside. I strongly believe that TCP’s programming, support and outreach is going to alter the direction of Atlanta’s art scene and make a viable impact upon the wider community. I’m so honored to be awarded the opportunity to join in this endeavor."

Keif Schleifer (right) and TCP supporter Marmar Stewart at our Patron Appreciation party.

keif holds two A.A. degrees, one focusing on mathematics, the other on chemistry. She has an A.B. degree from Wellesley College where she studied art + architecture and a M.S. degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology where she studied architecture + building technology. She is a veteran of the U.S. military working as an aviation medic and firefighter. As a civilian, that Firefighter/EMT experience has taken her to disasters in the U.S. and abroad: providing medical and flood relief in Zambia, fighting forest fires in Florida, conducting rescue and recovery at the World Trade Center towers shortly after their collapse and delivering medical supplies to Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

keif is the principal of KSDesign and a sculptor with marble works in public and private collections. A recent commission was a small monument marking the grave of a four-term Atlanta mayor in Historic Oakland Cemetery. Also at Oakland, keif co-created Arts in the Park, a 10 day, public, cultural arts event. keif is the director of engineering and logistics for Living Walls and provides logistical support for FLUX Projects.

keif is a co-founder of DanceATL and was selected for MAACC’s 2009 Arts Leaders of Metro Atlanta. She currently serves on the board of directors for CORE Performance Company, Mad Housers and the Metro Atlanta Beekeepers Association. Previous board memberships include JASMYN, Just Cause, Working Title Playwrights, Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts, and Brooks & Company Dance.




We are truly fortunate to have these great individuals active within our Atlanta community. Please take a minute to congratulate them. Support their work, attend their exhibitions, and get to know them as individuals. We have no doubt that this group will help to shape our city's creative landscape for years to come.

Many thanks for your support,


"The Creative Community Housing Project (CCHP) is the Artist-In-Residency program of The Creatives Project (TCP). We are dedicated to supporting the day-to-day lives of creative individuals, offering various levels of financial and promotional support while nurturing the arts eco-system through arts education service. Residencies range from studio space to exhibition space and housing. In exchange, each CCHP program participant gives back to their local community through arts-based outreach completed in conjunction with our Community Arts Program (CAP). With CAP, The Creatives Project provides students, teachers, and communities direct hands-on arts experiences through personal interaction with artists. TCP encourages each artist to explore his/her discipline with students, teachers, and community members through a variety of components that may include workshops, classes, lectures and discussions, rehearsals, performances, community events, and mentorship. Currently, service hours are to be completed in collaboration with our nonprofit affiliates: One Love Generation (OLG) and Jacob's Ladder."


(Atlanta. Georgia- 23 September, 2011)


1200 FOSTER ST. | ATLANTA GA 30316


The Creatives Project (TCP)  announces THE SECOND COMING, a haunting, evocative exhibition and benefit to be held at The Goat Farm Arts Center in West Midtown on Friday, October, 14th from 8pm to Midnight.

"Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed – in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet.”

Following JUNG at HeART and a successful capital campaign this winter, The Creatives Project is excited to present the next installment in its exhibition series: THE SECOND COMING.

Based on themes of resurrection, return and transformation, THE SECOND COMING will feature works by esteemed artist duo: TINDELMICHI, new works by Amandine Drouet and Corrina Sephora Mensoff, and a video collaboration by Shana Robbins and Neda Abghari. Also on display will be the work of  TCP's newly named "Artists in Studio" Residents: Justin Rabideau, Brandon Sadler, Ashley Schick, Marcy Starz, Nikki Starz, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Margaret Hiden, Jerushia Graham and the work of 
the youth artists of One Love Generation (their mentees).

Special musical and visual performances by The Big Up featuring members of Jack of Hearts and BOSCO and Branden M. Collins.

Come experience this night in the spirit of celebration and philanthropy. This event will support TCP’s continuing initiatives to provide more artists with studio space, exhibitions, and housing, as well as vital hands-on arts outreach to area youth.

"We have come a long way in a very short time with the Atlanta community’s belief in our mission. We are excited to put in motion the many programs that your support has made possible and look forward to building the organization and expanding our reach even further. THE SECOND COMING marks the next stage of TCP’s journey with you.”  Neda Abghari, Executive Director

For a tax deductible donation of $20, guests can support the Atlanta arts community and enjoy cocktails courtesy of GREY GOOSE Vodka and FUZE Beverages. Please RSVP

For more information on joining the host committee or to receive an invitation to the VIP Reception from 7pm to 8pm, please e-mail

The Creatives Project (TCP)’s mission is to enrich and strengthen the local community through
quality arts-based education and outreach, while celebrating and elevating the city’s visual and performing artists.





14 OCTOBER 2011 | 8P-12AM
1200 FOSTER ST. | ATLANTA GA 30316

TINDELMICHI, Amandine Drouet, Corrina Sephora Mensoff, Shana Robbins, Neda Abghari, Justin Rabideau, Brandon Sadler, Ashley Schick, Marcy Starz, Nikki Starz, Hannah Perner-Wilson, Margaret Hiden, Jerushia Graham & the One Love Genration Mentees

Music/Visuals By:
The Big Up featuring members of Jack of Hearts and Bosco and
Branden M. Collins


***all donations are 100% tax deductible ***