kevin o

Kevin O

Kevin O in his ATL studio

Tell us about your favorite childhood object...

It’s the Gi Joe Snow Cat – My brother and I played with that toy the most! You could not take that away from us back in the day.

How long have you lived in Atlanta and how did you end up here?

Born in the ATL. – My parents Gina & Wayne

At what point did you realize music was something you wanted to pursue?

When I heard my father sing to me when I was a kid. He had a great voice and a very talented guitarist.

Describe your sound. How did you get into playing that type of music?

Basslines & Vocals – hopefully crowd pleasing. Many different influences, Soul – Funk – House – Hip Hop

Which music medium do you prefer to use and why? Vinyl? CD? MP3?

All the above! Its about the music – not the medium. If I had to pick it would be VINYL!

How do you discover new music? any secret resources you want to turn us onto?

I get new music from friends, labels, producers, & oh yea…….ME!  Secret’s------------- not at this time.

Take us through your creative process.

WOW! Big question. I mainly focus on the energy and flow of the music I'm playing, or producing at the moment. When I Dj, I like to focus on the crowd – its called “Dance Floor Science” – Keep them interested in the music and the music presentation – while maintaining your integrity of the mix.

How would you say Southern culture/living in Atlanta has influenced your work??

Embracing the Soul and Vibe of real people.

Who/What are some of your inspirations?

Music, Water, Willie Bobo, Doc Martin, Tribe Called Quest, Grand Puba, Mark Farina, Dubtribe, Dixion, Jeff Mills, LTJ Bookem, Derrick Carter, Dj Q-Bert, Dj Heather, Angela “Mixin” Nixion, Mr. Fingers, A Guy Called Gerald, Happy Mondays, Pixes, Outkast,

Who are some of your favorite Atlanta artists?

Kemticjust RRRump, SoCo Audio, Kai Alce, Chris Brann, Gaelle, Outkast, Lions Den, Dirty Soul Selectors, Dean Coleman, Kids w/ Codename’s, 8 Ball & MJG, Entrompohty, &  Dropsonic. There are much more – but you don’t have the space to list them.

Where is your favorite atlanta hang out?

P’cheen or The Local…or MJQ. Filter.

What music/album are you currently listening to?

Silversun Pickup’s – and Carl Craig

What is one thing you love about your life?

I'm a very proud uncle.


09.18.09 Mark Farina @ Kevin O @ Filter night club
09.19.09 Kevin O @ the W (midtown) @ Whisky Park
09.23.09 Kevin O & Kerian @ MJQ = Limited Edition
10.01.09 Kevin O @ P’cheen = Technical K.O.