EVEREMAN: the man behind the face

favorite local artist?
Mr. Fangs

what album are you currently listening to?

The Asch Recordings Vol. 1-4 Woody Guthrie

favorite local hang out?
Carol Street Cafe

one thing you love about your life?
I love the fact that if I give my art away, I can't keep it in stock. It flys outta here! No advertising costs, no middlemen, no salesmen calling, no warehousing fees, no taxes. Hey Capitalists, take it from me, you wanna move some product? Give it away! You'll be astounished at how much merchandise you can move. Your business will be booming and you'll have a more refined and introspective life. This will lead to thinking for yourself and the realization that your religion is nonsense. As a byproduct, we might stop killing each other! Anyway, I love communicating with fellow inhabitants. It's primal.

find EVEREMAN everywhere by paying close attention to your surroundings or check out his website: