your help?

Shameless Self Promotion

so we received a message a little while ago about bands and press/"lack there of" in atlanta... here is how we feel about it:

"i hear ya babe... i actually like their music, i like thier energy...

i do, however, agree that there is much talent coming from atlanta that has yet to be heard or seen by the rest of the world...and that is what sucks!
atlanta has long been overlooked and "underheard" which is exactly why the documentary was started... although the ***** may not please the tastes of some atlantans, i think its great that they are recieving press. it brings more attention to our overlooked city... the more opportunities there are for atlanta's creatives to make press, the more opportunities there are for other bands and artists to be discovered. we wanna create a space ( where people outside of atlanta can look into all the genres of creativity atlanta has to offer... so rich in sound and visuals.

if we cant support our own talent... we can't expect others to

i personally don't have to "love" every band or every artist i support, but i do have to respect their love, passion, and commitment to their craft."

in conclusion...
you guys(we) should shamelessly promote/support each other.

if you are a band or an artist being interviewed, for god's sake, drop ATL names!!! figure out who your favorite locals are and tell the world.

ATLANTA ATLANTA ATLANTA... the more people hear it, the more piqued their interest will become... perfect example of where this shameless self promotion has worked: our hip-hop community! bad asses are on the map. now its time for the rest of atlanta to take over... you are way too talented not to! what are you waiting for?


we are looking for contributing writers interested in interviewing the talent we will showcase on the blog along with stylists and make up artists interested in making sure the talent looks their best on shoots. we would also love to meet a social extrovert who could help plan events: future shows/parties etc.

please send inquiries to the